1001 Grams

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1001 Grams
A film by Bent Hamer

1001 Grams - Ane Dahl Torp - Laurent Stocker

Opens in Toronto July 17 – Kingsway Theatre – 3030 Bloor St. W
Opens in Vancouver August 7 – VanCity Theatre – 1181 Seymour St.
Norway’s Submission to the Academy Awards
Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival 2014
93 minutes
In Norwegian and French with English Subtitles

“Despite the weighty title, this is an extremely light, delicate art film that rarely makes a false move.” – The Hollywood Reporter
“Quietly moving and exquisitely made, suffused with a depth of feeling that belies its minimalist construction.” – Variety
“The film may sound slight, but its charm is immeasurable.” – NOW
“1001 Grams achieves a charming equipoise of levity and gravity, of formal rigor and soulful sentiment.” – New York Times

In 1001 Grams, Norwegian scientist Marie (Ane Dahl Trop) attends a seminar in Paris on the actual weight of a kilo, but it is her own measurement of disappointment, grief and, not least, love, that ends up on the scale. 1001 Grams is a light-hearted, offbeat comedy examining the true measure of love and loss. The film opens in Toronto at the Kingsway Theatre July 17 and in Vancouver at the VanCity Theatre August 7.

“This movie is about human beings, not about science,” says director Bent Hamer. “Marie’s quest to find exact weight of a kilogram is a metaphor. We all search for references in our life. Marie is driven by precision, accuracy. But these notions are almost obsolete. What do they really mean and why do they matter? That’s an interesting philosophical aspect of the film as well.”

Hamer is known and respected as one of Norway’s leading film directors, and one of the nation’s true film auteurs. His films are widely regarded as both characteristic, peculiar and stylistically distinctive, yet still warm, caring, amusing and universal in the treatment of their characters and themes, creating what (by some) has been dubbed a “Hamer-esque universe.”

The film stars Ane Dahl Trop, Laurent Stocker, Hildegun Riise, Stein Winge, Per Christian Ellefsen, Didier Flamand and Dinara Droukara.

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