112 Weddings a film by Doug Block International Theatrical Premiere May 23, 2014

112 WeddingsKINOSMITH

112 Weddings

a film by Doug Block

International Theatrical Premiere
Opening in Toronto
May 23, 2014
The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

Doug Block will be doing a Q+A, digitally, following these screenings:
May 23, 4:00pm & 6:30pm and May 25, 4:00pm

“These real-life mini-dramas are naturally involving” – Variety

“A fascinating, important film ” – POV

“Quirky, entertaining, and heartwarming” – Toronto Film Scene

“Full of moments of emotional truth and surprising affirmations” – The Arts Guild

Fresh off the fanfare of Hot Docs, Doug Block’s 112 Weddings, a stunning voyage into marriage, commitment, love, and all that follows, makes its international theatrical premiere May 23 at The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

For the past two decades, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Block (51 Birch Street, The Kids Grow Up) has helped support himself by shooting weddings. Hired for his intimate documentary style, he found himself repeatedly bonding with his wedding couples on their big day, only to send off their videos and never see them again. 112 weddings later, having long wondered what’s become of their marriages, Block begins to track down some of his most memorable couples to find out first-hand.

Juxtaposing rapturous wedding day flashbacks with remarkably candid present-day interviews, 112 Weddings explores timeless themes of love and marital commitment.

“I would never claim 112 Weddings is the definitive film on marriage,” says Block. “I’m a documentary filmmaker, not a social scientist. My intention was to simply interweave 10 real-life love stories and see if it reveals a bigger picture view of love and long-term relationships. “

“Ultimately, I think 112 Weddings is also a film about time. It’s about what time does to our looks, our beliefs, our expectations and our feelings about our partners. The one thing we know for certain when we marry is that life will throw all sorts of unexpected stuff at us and things will change. How we deal with it together as a couple is our ultimate barometer of success.”

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