Presenting indieWEEK’s inaugural, Reel Indie Film Festival – October 16-20 2013



After a decade of sweet sounds

indieWEEK spins off a new Festival for the eyes!

Presenting indieWEEK’s inaugural, Reel Indie Film Festival



Open call on now for film submissions.

DEADLINE: Extended to August 19, 2013

(Toronto,  August 6, 2013) –  A key music world calendar event, indieWEEK is embracing sight AND sound for the first time, with a new companion program – the Reel Indie Film Festival.

Acclaimed producer Avi Federgreen (One Week, Still Mine, Moon Point) takes on the RiFF role of executive director.  His mandate:  to support filmmakers’ music-oriented stories – in the forms of independent short and feature-length films, and music videos.

This year’s Festival takes place October 16th – 20th in Toronto, a filmmaker’s mecca and media launchpad for some of the industry’s brightest young talent. RiFF seeks to cover the gamut of musical inspiration, from the teenage dream of following in the footsteps of the Rolling Stones, to using music as a platform for one’s thoughts and beliefs.  Films that make us think, that move us, and that capture the essence of a band or song.

“Selected films will showcase different aspects of music,” says Federgreen. “We are looking for stories that capture music’s cultural and emotional history, as well as music’s ability to move people.”

RiFF is currently seeking submissions for the debut independent film showcase.  Filmmakers are invited to submit i

ndependent short films, music videos, feature films or documentaries that are related to music, and were completed between January 1 and December 31, 2012.

Submission qualifications:
•              Films must be have been completed between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012
•              Short Films must have a running time of no longer than 20 minutes
•              Music Videos must have a running time of no longer than 5 minutes
•              Feature Films must have a runtime 70 minutes or longer
•              Documentary films must have a running time of 60 minutes or longer
•              Films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English
•              Must be related to music

Forward all submissions to, must be in no later than August 19, 2013.

For more information about RiFF, visit