Porch Stories Theatrical

KINOSMITH presents

love, sex and the passing human parade are just outside the front door 
in Sarah Goodman’s critically acclaimed
Porch Stories

porchstoriesOPENS IN TORONTO
JUNE 19, 2015

Festival Run:
Anchorage International Film Festival
Victoria Film Festival
Kingston Canadian Film Festival
Fem Cine Chile
CIMM Fest Chicago
Bentonville Film Festival

What Media Are Saying:
“…Sarah Goodman displays a sure hand with her first narrative feature…”
Jason Anderson, film writer

“…beautifully filmed black-and-white movie… Laura Barrett is quietly compelling.”
Kyle Wells, Monday Magazine

“…recalls the milieu of Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz and the naturalism of John Cassavetes.”
Michel D. Reid, Times Colonist
Director Sarah Goodman, and actors Laura Barrett and José Miguel Contreras are available for interviews

It turns out the world outside your front door is very much like the one inside – except that secrets are shared in the open air.

Sarah Goodman’s Porch Stories is a touching, layered and musically-rich portrait of revolving stories – all connected by events on the porches of neighboring homes. The Victorian fixer-uppers are home to a transitional mix of young-and-old, artistic and blue-collar, with more in common than they think.
Their dramas and joys – shot in evocative black and white – play out against a backdrop of passers-by, who offer up eavesdrop-worthy snapshots of romance, anger, friendship, family life and self-doubt.

The message: We are all connected, by proximity and by our similar experiences.

At the core of events is Emma (Laura Barrett), a musician who has put music on hold for marriage to the decent but workaholic Stefan (Alex Tindal), when her former bandmate and ex-lover, the rootless, couch-surfing Gabriel (José Miguel Contreras) shows up.

In a stroke of inspired casting, both Barrett – who has her own solo recording career and who has performed as a member with a number of bands including The Hidden Cameras – and Contreras, the lead guitarist and vocalist of well-known Toronto band By Divine Right – are both well-known Toronto musicians.

Emma’s dilemma is grist for judgmental porch small-talk for Maria and Antonio (Uerania Silveira and Sergio Sarmento), the Portuguese-Canadian couple across the street, whose relationship spans 50 years and carries its own secrets.

And her turmoil is balanced by the light romantic conundrums of Brianna, the lyricist next door (Hallie Switzer) who falls sweetly for the sci-fi/fantasy nerd (Brad Hart), the tenant in her house’s second suite. Again, it all happens on the porch.

“I have spent a lot of time sitting on my porch, writing, and eavesdropping on people as they go by” says Goodman. “I started to think of all the stories that must have happened on the porches on my block. All the romances, fights, misunderstandings, childish arguments, drunken conversations, hipster small talk, and Portuguese commentary that gave the neighbourhood its fabric.”

Porch Stories is written, co-produced and directed by Sarah Goodman (known for her award-winning and acclaimed documentaries Army Of One and When We Were Boys) and produced by Sarah Galea Davis. Its executive producer is Avi Federgreen (Empire Of Dirt, One Week and Leslie, My Name Is Evil).

Porch Stories will be distributed in Canada by KINOSMITH Inc.

About Sarah Goodman
Sarah’s ARMY OF ONE (Hot Docs Best Canadian Documentary Award 2004, Gemini Nomination for Best Director 2005,  and WHEN WE WERE BOYS (Donald Brittain Gemini Nomination for Best Social Political Documentary 2011, Indiewire Top 10 Documentaries of 2009) launched her career. International critical acclaim for her films have earned theatrical release and festival runs at the Toronto International Film Festival, Amsterdam (IDFA), Berlin, Hotdocs, True/False, Hamptons, and Krakow, among others. Her work has broadcast on CBC, BBC, IFC, Discovery Times, IFC and the Documentary Channel, among others. The New York Times described Army of One as “shockingly intimate”, Variety called it “riveting and timely”, and Cinema Eye described When We Were Boys as “an extraordinary film…reminds one of Francois Truffaut’s L’Argent du Poche.”  Her short HIDDEN DRIVEWAY premiered at TIFF 2011, and her new feature in development, LAKE 239, was a finalist for Telefilm’s PITCH THIS competition at TIFF 2014.