An Evening with Ingrid Veninger and the cast of The Animal Project – Innis Town Hall – INNIS TOWN HALL (2 Sussex Avenue) FRI JAN 16/7PM !! FREE !!

Ingrid V the animal project

Innis College, University of Toronto, The Cinema Studies Institute, and
The Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU) Present
An Evening with Writer/Director INGRID VENINGER,
Universal Studios Screenwriter-in-Residence
INNIS TOWN HALL (2 Sussex Avenue)

!! FREE !!

This will be the first public event inside the newly renovated Innis Town Hall

As part of its Universal Studios Screenwriter-in-Residence Program, the public is invited to a special evening with writer/director Ingrid Veninger, and the cast of her most recent feature film, THE ANIMAL PROJECT, which had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and has been traveling festivals around the globe.

“The evening will be about process”, says Ingrid Veninger, “we’ll screen THE ANIMAL PROJECT, but beforehand I’ll take the audience through the experience of my first meetings with the actors, and the development of the screenplay, which was very particular to this project.”

THE ANIMAL PROJECT is a dark comedy centered on a single father, his teenage son, and large furry animals, which tells the story of a Toronto theatre director who attempts to push a group of eager young performers out of their comfort zones.

This event will take place in the newly renovated Innis Town Hall, a 200-seat state-of-the-art cinema located in the heart of University of Toronto’s campus. Following extensive renovations, totalling $3.5 million, this will be the first public event hosted in this revitalized space.

“Ingrid Veninger’s work as a writer-director often probes the nature and complexities of intimacy: between lovers, families, friends, and, in an important sense, audience and images,” states Tom McSorley, Canadian Film Institute. “Her cinematic explorations of intimacy, rooted in a playfully subversive use of documentary-based realist aesthetics, are insightful and unflinchingly honest assessments of how we treat one another.”


The film cast from THE ANIMAL PROJECT will participate in an interactive introduction, and a discussion will follow the screening, moderated by Cinema Studies Professor and Programmer, Kay Armatage.

Born in Bratislava and raised in Canada, Ingrid Veninger formed pUNK Films in 2003 with a ‘nothing is impossible’ manifesto. Ingrid has produced six feature films in the past six years, which have screened at TIFF and festivals worldwide: ONLY (’08), NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY (’08), MODRA (’10), i am a good person/i am a bad person (’11), THE END OF TIME (’12) and THE ANIMAL PROJECT (’13). Currently, Ingrid is developing two new projects, set to shoot in 2015, and she recently initiated the pUNK Films FEMMES LAB to foster features written and directed by Canadian women, sponsored by Academy Award winner, Melissa Leo.