ANTISOCIAL opens in Toronto – Carlton Cinema

antisocial poster

Breakthrough Entertainment



Directed by Cody Calahan
Written by Chad Archibald and Cody Calahan

Opens in Toronto

Carlton Cinema

Friday December 13 

To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, this is the way the world ends – not with a bang but a tweet.

After Antisocial’s super successful world premiere at Fantasia, this small indie film has toured several major international genre festivals and garnered unprecedented critical acclaim. The much anticipated Toronto theatrical kicks off on Friday December 13 at the Carlton Cinema. Executive Produced by Ira Levy and Peter Williamson from Breakthrough Entertainment.

Antisocial, is the social-media-savvy horror film from Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald that turns on its head the claustrophobic horror convention of scared young people locked up together as all hell breaks loose. In the movie, a worldwide pandemic marked by violence, suicide and hallucinations, breaks out on New Year’s Eve. And five university friends witness it all live via network TV and the ‘Net – from personal blog feeds to video chats gone insanely wrong. How long can they keep the apocalypse at bay inside a locked apartment?

Celebrating is the last thing on the mind of Sam (Michelle Mylett), when she reluctantly accepts a New Year’s invite with her friends Mark (Cody Thompson), Jed (Adam Christie), Steve (Romaine Waite), his girlfriend Kaitlin (Ana Alic) and Chad (Ry Barrett). Sam’s boyfriend Dan (Charlie Hamilton) had broken up with her earlier in the day, in front of an entire network of online friends on a popular portal called The Social Redroom. The geeky Jed is inclined to invite the whole world to the party through his computer, and in doing so is the first to see all Hell break loose. As it plays out, they know exactly what to look for when the virus finds its way inside their padlocked apartment/haven.

“Basically, we took all the things that horror films usually shy away from and embraced them,” says producer Chad Archibald, who co-wrote Antisocial with director Cody Calahan.  In horror films, people are always trying their cellphones, finding no reception and moving on in frustration. But this is more grounded. Whenever there’s a disaster in the world, everyone runs to social media and to CNN and that’s how they get their information. In this case, they try to figure out what to do instead of just running out and getting killed.”

Antisocial around the world:

Fantasia (Montreal) – World Premiere

Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF)

Sitges (Spain)

Fright Fest (UK) – Euro Premiere

Leeds (UK)

GrimmFest (UK)

VIFF (Vancouver)

Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival (Belgium)

Samain du cinema fantastique (France)

Penumbra Fest (Mexico)

Monster Fest (Australia)

Sydney Underground Film Festival (Australia)

Antisocial is a Black Fawn Films production. Filmmakers are writer-producer-director Cody Calahan and writer-producer Chad Archibald. Archibald and Calahan have been a filmmaking team since collaborating on the pyscho thriller NEVERlost.  Antisocial is the fourth film they’ve produced together in a year – along with the sci-fi film Ejecta and the horror films Hellmouth and Septic Man. Breakthrough Entertainment’s Ira Levy and Peter Williamson, and Marina Cordoni are Executive Producers. Breakthrough Entertainment is the film’s worldwide distributor.

About Breakthrough Entertainment:

Headquartered in Toronto, Breakthrough Entertainment Inc. (BEI) is a world class studio, being a leading global producer and distributor of acclaimed movies, primetime comedy and drama series, as well as factual entertainment, documentaries and children’s animation. The company handles distribution as well as worldwide pre-sales, co-productions and third-party acquisitions.  In addition to its dedicated development, production and distribution divisions, Breakthrough’s digital media division ranks among one of the industry’s most respected producers of high quality digital entertainment including ebooks, webisodes and online and mobile games.

About Black Fawn Films:

Black Fawn Films is a Canadian Independent Film Production house dedicated to bringing together amazing Canadian talent to create films people want to see. WIth 15 features and over 125 music videos under their belt, Black Fawn has become a staple in the Canadian and international film and music video industry.