Breakthrough Entertainment presents UNLUCKY, directed by Ian Robertson, starring Jim Annan and Debra DiGiovanni, Special Run Of Engagement – The Royal – 608 College St., October 26, 27, + 28, 2012

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Directed by Ian Robertson
Starring Jim Annan and Debra DiGiovanni

Special Run Of Engagement – The Royal – 608 College St.

October 26, 27, + 28, 2012

 Director Ian Robertson and Actors Jim Annan, Debra DiGiovanni, and Pat Mastroianni are all available for interviews

A quirky comedy about a lovable loser in a bad-luck “freefall,” Unlucky hits Toronto amid recent film festival acclaim.

The film, directed by Ian Robertson, makes its Toronto debut at the The Royal on the heels of a head-turning debut at the Montreal World Film Festival. Starring Second City standout and TV regular Jim Annan – and featuring top Canadian standup comic Debra DiGiovanniUnlucky is the story of Darren Mackintosh, a young man who discovers things can always get worse, and will.

Suspecting that his pileup of misfortunes could be more than a coincidence – and encouraged by his workmate Jeanette (DiGiovanni) – Darren seeks the help of a highly unorthodox psychiatrist, Dr. Frankel (Alan Catlin).

But before he can be “cured,” Darren’s life is further complicated by an angry mob boss, two hard-nosed detectives, belligerent co-workers, an unforgiving boss, an eccentric billionaire, her brow-beaten butler, a Luther Vandross impersonator, a rogue FBI agent, a beautiful stranger, her escaped convict ex-boyfriend, inappropriate landlords, a vicious poodle and an alien abduction conspiracy.

Along with Annan (The L.A. Complex, Dan For Mayor) and DiGiovanni (Video On Trial), Unlucky also features Canadian TV icon Pat Mastroianni, a.k.a. Joey Jeremiah from three decades of Degrassi series.

For Unlucky, director Robertson surrounded himself with a familiar crew, including Joel S. Silver (producer and composer of the film’s music), Duane Murray (producer/actor, currently on Degrassi), Anthony Cortese (producer & an actor), and Chris McCawley (writer/producer).

Domestic and foreign sales are being handled by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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