CANADIANA – 8-part Online Series Created and Produced by Unlikely Pear Productions, launches 2nd Season March 21

History, as you’ve never heard it before

8-part Online Series Created and Produced by Unlikely Pear Productions,
Ashley Brook, Kyle Cucco, Adam Bunch, Josef Beeby


They’re back! Canadiana – the myth-shattering group of historians who traced Québec’s downfall to a love triangle – is launching a second season of stories and adventures from our provocative past.

A documentary web series utilizing scenic footage, archival photos and whimsical/cheeky animation, Canadiana is a team effort of four acclaimed documentary filmmakers – Ashley Brook, Kyle Cucco, Josef Beeby – and author/historian/host Adam Bunch.

Their mission: to retell Canadian history the way it should have been told all along, entertainingly, and with an eye for the personalities, clashes, outrages and acts of passion that went into creating a nation.

Season 1 – with its tales of resistance against slavery in eighteenth century Montreal, of a secret laboratory at Meech Lake, and of an exiled princess in Ottawa – earned the fledgling series official selections at web festivals in Sicily, Miami, Los Angeles and New York (where it was nominated for Best Documentary Series at the NYC Web Fest).

The Hidden Story Behind Vancouver’s Twin Peaks – Release March 21
Directed by Adam Bunch and Josef Beeby

Season 2 resumes on March 21 with the release of The Hidden Story Behind Vancouver’s Twin Peaks – a tale of appropriation, cultural erasure, 19th century showbiz, and partial redemption. It’s a story that begins with the change of the name of the city’s peaks The Lions (the inspiration for the CFL team name) from its original thousand-year-old Squamish name “Two Sisters.”

The Assassination of D’Arcy McGee – Release April 4
Directed by Kyle Cucco and Ashley Brook

Season two continues on April 4 by opening up one of Canada’s oldest cold cases – the assassination of Father of Confederation Thomas D’Arcy McGee and the hanging in front of a crowd of 5,000 of Patrick J. Whelan, his convicted killer.

Canadiana’s The Assassination of D’Arcy McGee tells a story of the ultimate “kangaroo court,” in which the victim’s best friend, Canadian Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, sat next to the judge for the entire trial. And it examines exculpatory evidence that suggests the real killer might even have been in the courtroom as Whelan stood trial.

“The Canadiana project was created out of a desire to do Canadian history the right way, and in doing so bury the phrase ‘Canadian history is boring,’ because it’s anything but,” says Canadiana Producer Ashley Brook.

“Too often history is crammed (or stretched) into an arbitrary broadcast length. We want each story to take the time it needs, and no more. We passionately believe Canadians are interested in their history. They’re eager to learn more about it — the good and the bad — as long as it’s told in an innovative and engaging way.”