Cast No Shadow


Cast No Shadow tells the story of Jude Traynor, 13-year old boy who tries to navigate a delinquent life in a rough and rugged seaside town. Branded as a thief and a liar, Jude imagines the hardships that surround him are the workings of an evil troll that lives in a secluded cave across the harbor. When Jude’s abusive father is sent to prison, Jude takes refuge with a local recluse named Alfreda who nurtures his active imagination, but warns of using it as a means of escape. But when Jude’s father is released, he turns Jude against Alfreda with rumors of her involvement in Jude’s mother’s mysterious death. Haunted by this truth, Jude lashes out at the few people he loves in misguided efforts to protect himself and prove his worth, but finds himself trapped between the pressures of his criminal father, the imagined threats of the “troll” and the one friendship he has in Alfreda.