Hot Docs

GHOST BIRD a film by Scott Crocker

GHOST BIRD A film by Scott Crocker World Premiere at Hot Docs - Toronto, Canada May 6  -  Cumberland  -  9:45pm  -  World Premiere May 8  -  The ROM Theatre  -  1:30pm  -  Repeat Screening  Click here to watch the official trailer Below is Ghost Bird Preview: Mary Scott from YouTube    (Toronto -  March 30, 2009)  As everybody knows, The Bird is the Word! But when it comes to a phantom called the Ivory-billed woodpecker, 70 million birders can't agree whether they're still flying high or have become forever mothballed in the specimen drawers of museums.  One thing is certain,

INVISIBLE CITY a film by Hubert Davis

WORLD PREMIERE at HOT DOCS Invisible City A film by Hubert Davis May 2 - The Royal - 9:45pm - World Premiere May 9 - Cumberland 3 - 4:30pm - Repeat Screening Directed and Edited by HUBERT DAVIS Produced by MEHERNAZ LENTIN Producer for the NFB GERRY FLAHIVE Executive Producer for the NFB SILVA BASMAJIAN Co-producer HUBERT DAVIS Written by SONDRA KELLY, HUBERT DAVIS and MEHERNAZ LENTIN Director of Photography CHRISTOPHER ROMEIKE Music Composed by FRASER MACDOUGALL and MICHAEL WHITE, IMPRINT MUSIC (Toronto - March 24, 2009) There is a school of sociological thought that says you tend to live up

LOVE AT THE TWILIGHT MOTEL a film by Alison Rose

Directed by Alison Rose Edited by David Kazala Cinematography by Daniel Grant Produced by Alison Rose RT: 80 min WORLD PREMIERE at HOT DOCS   Love at the Twilight Motel A Film by Alison Rose May 3 - The Royal - 9:30pm - World Premiere May 9  -  The Royal  -  7:15pm - Repeat Screening Directed by Alison Rose Edited by David Kazala Cinematography by Daniel Grant Produced by Alison Rose Producer for the NFB, Gerry Flahive RT: 80 min   (Toronto - April 17, 2009) -  The half-century-old Cuban-American community of Miami's Little Havana has its own rituals, a secret world

AMERIKA IDOL: A TRUE STORY a film by Barry Avrich

Director/Writer: Barry Avrich Producer and story by : Melissa Coghlan Editor: Alex Shuper Music: Jim McGrath For Immediate Release (Toronto – March 24, 2009)  Can a statue of the ultimate movie underdog - Rocky - inspire a town of underdogs in the war torn Balkans? Barry Avrich’s Amerika Idol: A True Story offers up a funhouse-mirror tale of movie platitudes and great expectations. In a tiny town called Zitiste, 33 miles north of Belgrade, a group of villagers decide they have enough of being referred to as the folks from “war-torn Serbia,” and decide to change their destiny.  Of course