Million Dollar Critic His good opinion is said to be worth a million dollars to those restaurants graced with his words of approval. He cannot be bought. He cannot be invited. If your place is good then you just have to hope he shows up. And if it’s bad, then you have to hope he doesn’t. - Broadcast Premiere on W Network - October 7

Tornado Hunters Greg Johnson, Chris Chittick, and Ricky Forbes are the Tornado Hunters. Outfitted with their truck Flash and the best equipment money can buy, they target the biggest tornadoes in North America. Watch the Broadcast Premiere of this Saloon Media Production on CMT - Oct 26

Tornado Hunters Get ready for the storm. Before the show get a taste of Tornado Hunters with the web series launching Monday, August 18.

Intervention Canada – Season Finale David's mother was a cocaine addict and his father, who struggled with alcoholism, died at an early age.  Once a provincial Taekwondo champion, David now has a dangerous addiction to heroin and crystal meth. Without an intervention, David might be destined to be the next family casualty. Monday December 3 - 8 pm on SLICE

Intervention Canada – Allisha The daughter of a professional escort, and a bulimic who shed calories through extreme workouts, Allisha stated displaying her body in strip clubs. Now, she is impossibly addicted to Dilaudid and for the first time in years, her family will try one last effort to save her. Monday Nov 26 - 9 pm on SLICE.

Intervention Canada – Sarah Raised by hard-partying parents, Sarah began using drugs as a teen.  When her parents divorced, her drug use escalated and continued through failed relationships.  Now, she has lost custody of her children,  and without an intervention Sarah’s family fears she is one needle away from an early grave. Monday Nov 19 - 9pm on SLICE

Intervention Canada – Episode 10 – Meghan Meghan endured a tortured childhood compounded by the fact her mother was too depressed to raise her.  Now 20, she seeks to ease the pain through her music, poetry and a 4-points-a-day heroin habit.  Without an intervention, this artist will die before anyone truly hears her song. Monday Nov 5 - 9pm on SLICE

Intervention Canada – Season Two Preview Returning for Season 2 on Monday, August 27, 2012, 9:00pm ET/PT, Intervention Canada presents 14 new episodes exploring the gut-wrenching reality of Canadians whose addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other compulsive behavior is threatening lives and destroying families.