Bravo Turns Into ‘Sin Central,’ As Seven Canadian Auteurs Interpret The Seven Deadly Sins To Be Featured in a New Hour-Long Series titled, IN SHORT (Sins & Virtues). World Broadcast Premiere on Bravo! | May 4, 2011 | 10:00PM

Brevity, as we know, is the soul of wit. And for seven weeks – courtesy of some of Canada’s most creative filmmakers – it will be the soul of sin. Seven filmmakers have been commissioned by Bravo!FACT and Amit Breuer’s Amythos Media, to each create a two-minute short based on one of the deadly sins. These seven “sin shorts” will lead off the special hour-long new series, In Short, beginning May 4, at 10pm, on Bravo! Pride       Joe Cobden Envy        Bruce Macdonald Lust         Anita Doron Greed     Jamie Travis Wrath     Larry Weinstein Sloth       Alethea Baril Arnaquq Gluttony Ann Marie Fleming Joe Cobden (director and actor) filmed