Cogent/Benger’s spectacular 4-part series airs Episode 2 tonite: WALL OF SILENCE on Vision TV at 10:30pm EST.

In Winnipeg, MB and Brooklyn, NY, allegations of pedophilia shock two quiet and devout Orthodox Jewish communities, as if the accusation itself has broken a covenant. The effects on the victims are devastating. With unusual access to both of these tightly bound communities, the hope of openness and justice will purge the crime from the community and clear the collective conscience. Written and Directed by Alan Mendelsohn. Episode 2 of Sex Scandals in Religion, tonite on VISION TV, 10:30pm EST

Sex Scandals In Religion
A four-part World Broadcast Series
Vision TV
Episode 2 **Tonite**
May 16 at 10:30pm ET/PT
Produced by Cogent/Benger Productions Inc.

**Tonite** Episode 2: Wall Of Silence
Directed by Alan Mendelsohn
Deep within a reclusive orthodox Jewish community rests a horrific scandal. A shocked Brooklyn community shields an accused pedophile, as if the accusation itself has broken a covenant.  The believers believe that speaking of the evil is worse than the evil itself. Pain, suffering, humiliation and recrimination is the price they pay for this tenet.

A provocative four-part original TV series, Sex Scandals In Religion, offers viewers an unprecedented look at misbehavior manifested in four religions. The four half-hour episodes – produced by Toronto based Cogent/Benger Productions Inc. –  take an intimate, compelling and emotional look at the dark secrets that lurk inside houses of the spirit.

Sex Scandals In Religion looks beyond the infamous and well-publicized sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church to stunning stories of sexual misfeasance in four other world religions. In Buddhism, a world-renowned Rinpoche is accused by several women of sexual exploitation; in Islam, the actions of zealots leads to the religiously justified rape of students and gays; in Orthodox Jewry, the mechanisms of justice are obscured in case involving a rabbi and young boys; and in Christian Evangelism, a homophobic black bishop in Atlanta is accused of the serial molestation of fatherless boys.

Sex Scandals In Religion airs on consecutive Mondays, 10:30pm ET/PT on Vision TV.

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Monday Mary 23, 2011
Episode 3: In The Name Of Enlightenment
Directed by Debi Goodwin
A Buddhist Master beloved by millions uses his position and authority to take advantage of young women. For over three decades, complaints are dismissed as the grumblings of the uninitiated. A Guru focused on his own pleasure turns the path to enlightenment into the road to sexual servitude.

Monday May 30, 2011
Episode 4: In The Name Of The Lord
Directed by Peter Findlay
In the Deep South of America, a charismatic preacher rallies the nation against the evils of homosexuality – but this Leader of the Flock coaches fatherless young men with questionable intent. Supporters dismiss the allegations of impropriety and shun the victims. The stain of accusation and lawsuits follow God’s preacher in this examination of power, persuasion and corrupted scripture.

Sex Scandals in Religion is Produced by Christopher Sumpton and Robin Benger. Directors include Alan Mendelsohn, Robin Benger, Debi Goodwin, and Peter Findlay.

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