COLLEGE STREET PICTURES presents Me, the bees and cancer – a film by John Board – opens June 21 – The Royal cinema


College Street Pictures presents

a film by John Board


a 1k feature film challenge participant

THE ROYAL CINEMA – 608 College St., Toronto



“Fresh, safe, clean, essential… remedies that help, both physical and mental.”
Homeopathic rap by John Board.

(Toronto – June 7, 2013)  Me, the bees and cancer is 79-year-old John Board’s personal exploration of alternative treatments and ‘modern’ medicine. With a cool grand of seed money from the new and widely-praised $1,000 Feature Film Challenge program, Board sought to document his own cancer alternative – bee sting therapy. The result is the intensely personal and thought-provoking documentary.

In the fall of 2010, Board – a film-making pioneer, homeopath rebel, adventurer, rapper, father, fiddler, and lover of life – was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He faced the challenge in the only way he knows how.

is the offbeat and hopeful result of this exploration.

“This film is an inspiring journey in the search for treatment and recovery,” says Programmer/Distributor Stacey Donen. “Locally made and reflective of an experience that many people have, Me, the bees and cancer is a great addition to the repertoire of films for College Street Pictures.”

Of all the hats Board has worn, he is best known in Canada’s film circles as one of our preeminent first assistant directors. Board has worked with some of Canada’s, and the world’s most renowned filmmakers. Among them: Louis Malle, Norman Jewison, Allan King, Sturla Gunnarsson,  Philip Borsos, and perhaps most notably, David Cronenberg who has collaborated with Board on many of his films.

Throughout the years Board has crossed paths with such distinguished acting talents as Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, Genevieve Bujold, Jeremy Irons, Richard Harris, Peter Weller, Judy Davis, James Woods, Deborah Harris, Christopher Plummer, Susan Sarandon, Burt Lancaster, Christopher Walken, Milla Jovovich and countless others.
Ask anyone for an anecdote from one of John’s sets, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear about John Board’s Hollywood Survival Kit. After launching, his homeopathic remedy kit in 2002, it was distributed worldwide and has helped more than one actor, crew member or producer cure a headache, relieve stage fright and much more. Me, the bees and cancer is an extension of search for alternative treatments for himself and others.
This film was one of four films produced as part of Ingrid Veninger’s (pUNK Films Inc.) and programmer Stacey Donen’s (College Street Pictures and The Royal Cinema) $1000 Feature Film Challenge for Toronto-based filmmakers.


Directors: John Board, Hector Centeno
Writer: John Board
Producers: Jim Donovan, John Board
Consulting Producer: Morley Markson
Executive Producers: Ingrid Veninger, Stacey Donen
Featuring: John Board.