Derby Crazy Love – World Premiere


Maya Gallus and Justine Pimlott’s

Derby Crazy Love

takes us on a smart, sexy ride through an extraordinary subculture

World Premiere at

RIDM – Montreal International Documentary Festival

November 14 | 7pm | Cinema du Parc

2nd screening on November 16 | 3pm | Cassavetes/Cinema Excentris


“Your body is the puck. Your body is the target… and if you look the wrong way, someone’s going to smoke you.” Smack Daddy, of Montreal’s New Skids Roller Derby team.

The fastest-growing women’s sport in the world is not for sissies. But it is a sisterhood.

Maya Gallus and Justine Pimlott’s documentary Derby Crazy Love takes viewers into the heart of the emerging roller derby phenomenon, a vibrant and fun expression of feminist physicality that has expanded to over 100 leagues in Canada and 1,400 worldwide.

The team of tattooed misfits, The New Skids on the Block, take on UK powerhouse London Rollergirls for a coveted shot at the championships, while reigning world champions New York’s Gotham Girls(and cover girl Suzy Hotrod) look to make a statement of their own.

As Derby Crazy Love begins, the most anticipated rematch in the new derby era looms with an upcoming world championship qualifying bout between Montreal and their London nemesis. Drag-queen rock ‘n’ roller Plastik Patrik (a contributor to the movie’s soundtrack) provides additional spectacle and drama in his role as game announcer.

But behind the spectacle are human stories, outsiders who’ve found a tribe (sometimes to the chagrin of their families) a sense of belonging, and a healthy outlet for aggression women aren’t encouraged to express.

They include Trash ‘N’ Smash, who overcame both a lack of confidence and an initial inability to skate, to become one of the New Skids’ most potent physical presences, and Smack Daddy, a team MVP desperately trying to recover from a spiral fracture and a tibia full of pins to win back a spot in her derby  “family.”