DOC Institute’s Community Connections


a film by Rama Rau

August 14

Elizabeth Beeton Auditorium  (Toronto Reference Library – 789 Yonge St.)
Doors Open – 5:30pm  |  Film Screening – 6:00pm sharp 


Transplant Tourism, the trade in human organs is the theme and topic of discussion at the popular DOC Institute’s Community Connections where The Market, a film by Rama Rau will be presented on August 14. This screening will be held at the Elizabeth Beeton Auditorium, located in the Toronto Reference Library, at 789 Yonge St.

The Market, delves into the global trade in human organs, one of the most profitable and dangerous enterprises in the world and was produced by award winning, Toronto based, Storyline Entertainment.

In India, the fishermen who witnessed the 2004 tsunami, refuse to go back to the sea and their wives are now selling their kidneys to feed their families. Hema wants to sell her kidney to pay off family debts but there’s no guarantee she’ll get paid and losing a kidney will undermine her ability to work. In Canada, where someone dies every three days waiting for a kidney, Sandra’s kidneys are failing. She has been on a waiting list for five years. To survive, she’s on dialysis four times each day. The Market captures both experiences: people searching for organs in the West and people selling their organs in the East. Will Sandra travel to India for a new kidney? Is selling a kidney Hema’s ticket to a better life? What would we ourselves do if we were forced into a similar dilemma?

“If even one person wants to donate their organs after watching The Market, I would be happy,” says Toronto filmmaker Rama Rau. “Donating organs, raising awareness and talking about it are the only way we can stop the engulfing horror of our own making.

Immediately following the screening Dr. Peter Lin, Director of Primary Care Initiatives at the Canadian Heart Research Centre and one of Toronto’s notable primary care physicians, will moderate a thoughtful discussion on the larger issues surrounding the organ trade: What are the ethics of organ buying and selling? Are certain parts of the world destined to be reservoirs of body parts for the affluent? Is it right to legislate and commodify the human body?

Lin will be joined by The Market’s multi-award winning director, Rama Rau and a panel of prominent leaders in research, medicine and advocacy, including Dr. Jim Lavery, Managing Director of the Ethical, Social & Cultural Program for Global Health at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s Hospital, and Dr. Ramesh Prasad, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and transplant nephrologist, also at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto.

Doors open at 5:30 PM with light refreshments provided by the DOC Institute. The one-hour film will screen promptly at6:00 PM and be followed immediately by the panel discussion and Q&A.

Community Connections is a free documentary screening and public discussion series linking Torontonians to current social issues using documentary films made by local filmmakers. Community Connections is spearheaded by the DOC Institute, an initiative of the Documentary Organization of Canada, Toronto Chapter and generously supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.