Dolphin Man: The Story of Jacques Mayol, directed by Lefteris Charitos, narrated by Jean-Marc Barr. Canadian Premiere – Vancouver International Film Festival

Canadian Premiere – Vancouver International Film Festival

Dolphin Man

Directed by Lefteris Charitos
Narrated by Jean-Marc Barr
Produced by Storyline Entertainment, Anemon Productions, Les Films du Balibari

Tuesday October 2, 9:30PM  –   International Village 9
Wednesday October 3, 2:00PM  –   International Village 10

Country of Origin: Greece/Canada/France
Running Time: 80 mins
Language: English, French, Italian, Japanese, with English subtitles.



Director Lefteris Charitos will be in Vancouver for this screening. Available for interviews in advance and in Vancouver.

Narrator Jean-Mar Barr (Jean-Marc played Jacques Mayol in Luc Besson’s The Big Blue | Le Grand Blue) is available for interviews by phone or skype.

Freediving is not only one of the most dangerous of sports, but one of the most amazing.

The Big Blue was inspired by Jacques Mayol, who in 1976 became the first free diver ever to descend 100 metres. This legend of the sport spent his life setting records and going beyond what was considered humanly possible.

Mayol practiced yoga and developed a philosophy of the mystical and biological connections between humans and dolphins, but he also embraced the free-wheeling life of a jet-setting playboy in the heady sunshine of the ‘60s.

Dolphin Man, directed by Lefteris Charitos, is the first nonfiction film to dive into the revolutionary man himself. It documents his time, his obsession with dolphins, diving, ocean conservation, his increasingly eccentric personal life, as well as the legacy he has left behind.

There are interviews with friends, family and free-diving champs like William Trubridge and Mehgan Heaney-Grier, and the vast beauty of the ocean is explored through fascinating archival footage and breathtaking present-day underwater cinematography.