EMAfilms presents A Dog’s Life by Hélène Choquette, a Toronto premiere at Hot Docs 2016


A Dog’s Life
A film by Hélène Choquette

Hot Docs 2016 – Toronto Premiere

Screening Times and Dates:
Wednesday, May 46:45PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox (350 King St W)

Thursday, May 510:15AM
Isabel Bader Theater (93 Charles St W)

Saturday May 71:30PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox (350 King St W)

Quebec’s award-winning documentary filmmaker Hélène Choquette follows a different path with her latest film, A Dog’s Life – where she explores the bond between homeless people and their dogs.

EMAfilms presents this powerful, and touching film, which gets a Toronto premiere at Hot Docs, Wednesday May 4 at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

On the street, in a squat, or rooming house, the film shows how homeless people manage through their daily struggles with the help of their faithful companion. Without judgment the film explores the advantages and disadvantages of having a dog when you have no roof over your head.

Shot in Toronto and Montreal, the film portrays a universal reality the homeless face in many of the world’s major cities.

“My goal is not to trivialize a subject that has been visited many times before,” says Choquette, “but simply to investigate this crisis from a fresh point of view. In my previous films I have explored homelessness in an indirect way. With A Dogs Life, I tackle the subject head-on.”

About Hélène Choquette
Documentary filmmaker Hélène Choquette has won multiple awards at home and internationally. Her films have focused on people and crucial issues ranging from foreign caregivers (“A Better Life” 2005), environmental refugees (“The Refugee’s of The Blue Planet”, 2006), Chernobyl disaster victims (“Children of Chernobyl”, 2006), human trafficking in Canada (“Avenue Zero”, 2009), to Burmese boys exploited in a Thai boxing camp (“Fists of Pride”, 2012). One of Hélène’s latest projects, “Unité 9 le Documentaire”, about the family struggles of female prisoners, won the 2015 Public Award Prize at the Web Program Festival in Paris.

About EMAfilms

EMAfilms focuses on stories that are both inspiring and entertaining with the potential for international appeal. Anne-Marie Gélinas and Benoit Beaulieu, EMA’s producer-partner team, has produced such titles as: “A Bottle In the Sea of Gaza”, “Mars and Avril” and “A Dog’s Life”. In 2015 EMA released Turbo Kid to critical acclaim. The world premiere was at Sundance; won the Audience Prize at SXSW; and has played all over the world.