EUFF Full Line-up

Announcing 10th Anniversary Full Line-Up

European Union Film Festival

November 15 – 30, 2014

The Royal – 608 College St.


EUFF screenings are FREE

with the exception of Opening Night

an exclusive VIP event that includes a reception at Mod Club Open to the public for $25.

Opening Night film will have a FREE encore screening on November 30

Celebrating 10 years of bringing the best in contemporary European Cinema to Toronto, the European Union Film Festival (EUFF) has lined up 28 extraordinary features from each of the EU member countries for its 2014 edition.

Kicking off the Festival is the Canadian Premiere of renowned Italian-Turkish filmmaker, Ferzan Ozpetek’s highly anticipated 10th feature, Fasten Your Seatbelts. Also making their Canadian debut at the 2014 EUFF are: Mariano Barroso‘s engrossing drama, All The Women (Spain), the big screen adaptation of the filmmaker’s incredibly successful TV miniseries by the same title; Nevio Marasovic’s Vis-À-Vis (Croatia) an insightful drama about a director and actor, who struggle to overcome their personal demons while trying to create a film; and Hans Hofer’s Two-Seater Rocket (Austria), a playful comedy on one man’s quest to impress his long-time crush.

EUFF’s 2014 edition will also present the Toronto premieres of eight highly acclaimed features, including: François Dupeyron’s One of a Kind (France), a soulful drama about a regular Joe hesitantly accepting his gift as a healer; Christian Schwochow’s West (Germany), winner of a FIPRESCI Award at the 2013 World Montreal Film Festival; Viktor Taus’s Clownwise (Czech Republic), the heartwarming story of a clown trio looking to re-launch their career; Attila Szász’s The Ambassador to Bern (Hungary) a compelling fictional account of the 1958 post-revolution attack against the Hungarian embassy in Bern; and Jan Troell’s The Last Sentence (Sweden), a thoughtful portrait of Torgny Segerstedt, a crusading journalist against Nazism, and the editor-in-chief of Sweden’s leading newspaper during WWII.

Fort its tenth anniversary, EUFF is also happy to welcome two special guests: Greek Director Maria Douza, who will be in town for the Toronto Premiere of her film, A Place Called Home (Closing Night presentation); and Slovenian Actor Simon Pribac, who is coming in for the Canadian Premiere of Exit.

Full line-up: 

Austria – TWO SEATER ROCKET, Directed by Hans Hofer *Canadian Premiere*

Belgium – THE WORLD BELONGS TO US, Directed by Stephan Streker *Toronto Premiere*

Bulgaria – JULY, Directed by Kiril Stankov *Canadian Premiere*

Croatia – VIS-À-VIS, Directed by Nevio Marasovic *Canadian Premiere*

Cyprus – BLOCK 12, Directed by Kyriakos Tofaridis *Canadian Premiere*

Czech Republic – CLOWNWISE, Directed by Viktor Taus *Toronto Premiere*

Denmark – THIS LIFE, Directed by Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis

Estonia – FLOWERS FROM THE MOUNT OF OLIVES, Directed by Heilika Pikkov

Finland – ROAD NORTH, Directed by Mika Kaurismäki

France – ONE OF A KIND, Directed by François Dupeyron *Toronto Premiere*

Germany – WEST, Directed by Christian Schwochow *Toronto Premiere*

Greece – A PLACE CALLED HOME, Directed by Maria Douza *Toronto Premiere* CLOSING

Hungary – THE AMBASSADOR TO BERN, Directed by Attila Szász *Toronto Premiere*

Ireland – BALLYMUN LULLABY, Directed by Frank Berry

Italy – FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS, Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek *Canadian Premiere* OPENING

Latvia – PIANO PLAYER, Directed by Ilona Bruvere *International Premiere*

Lithuania – HOW TO STEAL A WIFE, Directed by Donatas Ulvydas *Canadian Premiere*

Luxembourg – THE ROAD UPHILL, Directed by Jean-Louis Schuller

Malta – SAUL: THE JOURNEY TO DAMASCUS, Directed by Mario Azzopardi

Netherlands – BOYS, Directed by Mischa Kamp

Poland – LIFE FEELS GOOD, Directed by Maciej Pieprzyca

Portugal – THE GILDED CAGE, Directed by Ruben Alves

Romania – I’M AN OLD COMMUNIST HAG, Directed by Stere Gulea *Toronto Premiere*

Slovakia – THE CANDIDATE, Directed by Jonás Karásek *North American Premiere*

Slovenia – EXIT, Directed by Dejan Babosek *Canadian Premiere*

Spain – ALL THE WOMEN, Directed by Mariano Barroso *Canadian Premiere*

Sweden – THE LAST SENTENCE, Directed by Jan Troell *Toronto Premiere*

United Kingdom – GOOD VIBRATIONS, Directed by Lisa Barros D’sa, Glenn Leyburn

About the European Union Film Festival

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary, the official EUFF -a not-for-profit organization- strives to reflect the excellence, innovation, and diversity of European cinema in Toronto, the world’s most multicultural city. Founded in 2004 as a salve to Hollywood monotony, this free festival has grown to now showcase 28 contemporary films drawn from each of the EU’s member countries. The EUFF is a unique festival and the only one in the world to bring together disparate EU Consulates and local cultural institutes for collaboration. Represented countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

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