Get Your Sweet On In Time For Valentine’s Day With Burlesque Expert and TV Personality KAITLYN REGEHR

Special Valentine’s Day class: Friday February 11th 7:30pm, at Flirty Girl Fitness Studio

Get Your Sweet On InTime For Valentine’s Day

With Burlesque Expert and TV Personality

Kaitlyn Regehr

When it comes to advocates of the saucy Renaissance of Burlesque, Cher and Christina Aguilera may be the best known, but they’re far from alone.

Valentine’s Day is primetime for Burlesque expert and television personality Kaitlyn Regehr. With more people than ever signing on to the classic and enticing art form, Kaitlyn has become the go-to girl for media looking for an expert witness on sparking up relationships or just giving a girl’s confidence a bit of a boost.

If you’re planning special Valentine’s Day coverage, you’d be remiss if you missed out on Kaitlyn’s experience.

Kaitlyn is a professionally trained burlesque/cabaret performer and choreographer. She is the much adored burlesque expert from the popular television series Re-Vamped that aired on Slice for two seasons where she transformed broken-hearted souls into confident burlesque queens. Kaitlyn is also one of the original instructors of the groundbreaking Flirty Girl Fitness Studio in Toronto and facilitates workshops across Canada that focus on women’s empowerment.

To mark the annual day of Eros and romance – and to cater to the influx of people wanting to get their sweet on for Valentine’s – Toronto’s hottest instructor will be dishing out new sexy moves, including virtuoso chair dancing, at an extra “Sexy Strip” class at Flirty Girl. This class is perfect for girls who want to impress their man, or for groups of single gals to have a blast and learn some sexy moves – you never know when they will come in handy.

The special Valentine’s Day class:

Friday February 11


Flirty Girl Fitness Studio

462 Wellington St., W.

You can register online or by phone 416-920-1400. Ask for “Sexy Strip” with Kaitlyn. The workshop is $20 for a one hour class.