HAPPILY EVER AFTER opens in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton – March 18


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Paragraph Pictures presents

A delightful comedy-drama about family and secrets and best friends forever


Directed by Joan Carr-Wiggin

Screenplay by Joan Carr-Wiggin

Story by Joan Carr-Wiggin and Savitri Gordian


Opens in Canada March 18, 2016

Toronto – Carlton Cinema

Toronto – Kingsway Theatre

Calgary  – Plaza Theatre

Edmonton – Princess Theatre


Trailer: https://goo.gl/5UgMZL

Official Sitehttp://goo.gl/oeb97T

Logline:   Remember that one person you swore would be your best friend forever?

A young documentary filmmaker turns her camera on her former best friend, a seemingly carefree bride-to-be, in this delightful comedy-drama about family and secrets – and best friends forever.

A U.K.- Canada coproduction, Happily Ever After was directed by Joan Carr-Wiggin, and stars Janet Montgomery (Salem, Dancing on the Edge), Sara Paxton (Aquamarine, The Innkeepers), Alex Kingston (E.R., Moll Flanders), Academy Award nominee Peter Firth (M.I.5, Risen), Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey, Weekend), Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna Earp) and Naomi Snieckus (Mr. D).

Heather (Janet Montgomery), an edgy documentary filmmaker in her 20s, reluctantly agrees to film the wedding video for her former high school best friend Sarah Ann (Sara Paxton) when her father’s illness forces her to return to the small town she hated.

Between family and secrets, Heather is convinced that she and the seemingly carefree bride-to-be have nothing in common – except perhaps the high school teacher they both fell in love with (Tom Cullen).

With its skillful mix of drama and comedy Happily Ever After shows both the joy and pain that can accompany a long friendship in this story about two young women who were once inseparable but grew apart as they made different choices in life.

Produced by David Gordian and Alan Latham, story by Joan Carr-Wiggin and Savitri Gordian, screenplay by Joan Carr-Wiggin. Released in Canada by Hlibka Entertainment and Syndicado and distributed in the U.S. by Random Media and Alchemy.