Hey kids! Sir Jerry is back with another all-ages, all-amazing Holiday Show

Sunday December 2  |  1:00pm

The Drake Hotel – 1150  Queen Street West

The Greatest Family Deal in Town:

$5 each or $10 for a Family of Four | Tickets available at the door only.

“one of Canada’s leading children’s performers.”

“Pink Floyd for kids…”,

“…the most innovative kids entertainer since Pee-Wee Herman.”

“delightfully twisted…”,

“…hip children’s music that isn’t just for kids…”,


John Lennon’s favourite young fan grew into the heir-apparent to Pee-Wee Herman – a free-spirit who takes children’s entertainment into strange new worlds.

Meet the phenomenal Sir Jerry – a.k.a. Jerry Levitan, producer of the Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning animated short I Met The Walrus (about his adventure as a 14-year-old interviewing John Lennon), a film he followed up with the Yoko Ono project My Hometown.

In his phantasmagorical incarnation as a children’s entertainer, Sir Jerry’s been dubbed “Pink Floyd for kids,” and singled out by Pee-Wee Herman producer Richard Abramson as “the most innovative kid’s entertainer” since Pee-Wee himself

With dancing girls, colourful stage characters, rock ‘n’ roll and music hall influences – all informed by his Monty Pythonesque sensibility – the top-hatted faux-Brit Sir Jerry is a unique hybrid indeed.

Positioning himself as “the anti-Raffi,” his riotous shows have become THE parent-child experience in Toronto’s coolest venues, including The Drake and Liberty Grand.

His songs about the sinister fate of lost sandwiches, the real scoop about the environment inside mommy’s tummy, and his signature tune, Bees, Butterflies & Bugs (inspired by Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues) are showmanship-as-expressionist-art, equally appreciated by children and parents on their respective levels.

About Sir Jerry

Growing up in the height of the 1960s rock-n-roll era, Jerry Levitan has always been passionate about music and entertaining. A chance meeting with his idol John Lennon when Jerry was 14 inspired Jerry to follow his dream of entertaining children. Working with Canadian rocker/producer Ruben Huizenga, Sir Jerry released his first CD, Bees, Butterflies and Bugs, then came a second CD, Sir Jerry’s World, and a third Sir Jerry Time Machine, available through Sir Jerry’s website at www.sir-jerry.com.

What the critics have said:

“one of Canada’s leading children’s performers” – Chatelaine

“Delightfully twisted!” – XM Kids Satellite Radio

“Amazing”  – CNN

“Weird”  – FRN-FM, Chicago

“One of the hottest children’s entertainers in the country”  – Inside Entertainment

“One of Canada’s leading Children’s Performers”  – Toronto Star

“…the most innovative kid’s entertainer since Pee-Wee Herman”  – Richard Abramson, Producer Pee-Wee’s Playhouse & Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

“Canada’s most innovative children’s performer”  – Hamilton Spectator