Hollywood Legend, Mamie Van Doren, appears in the next episode of Brides of Bevery Hills, Thurs., July 21 on SLICE


Hollywood Legend Mamie Van Doren renews her wedding vows but not without the help of Renee Strauss. Coming up in the next episode of Brides of Beverly Hills, Thurs. July 21, on SLICE at 9:30pm ET

Brides of Beverly Hills

A SLICETM Canadian Original Series
Every Thursday 9:30pm ET

This Week’s Episode:

July 21 – Episode 6:  MAMIE VAN DOREN

Store owner Renee visits Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. 90210, Dr. Robert Rey for a cosmetic consultation, and then rushes back to the store to meet 1950’s Hollywood legend, Mamie Van Doren—who is 80 years old and looking for a dress to renew her vows in.

They’re beautiful, they’re A-list, some are bride-zillas, and some are altar-bound angels. Welcome to Brides of Beverly Hills, a new reality series that highlights the glitz and glamour of one of L.A.’s most exclusive bridal salons, Renee Strauss for the Bride.

Helping Renee turn wedding dreams real is longtime associate and celebrity florist, Kevin Lee – one of the most colourful aesthetic artists in Hollywood, and the inspiration behind Martin Short’s character ‘Franc’ in Father Of The Bride. Kevin brings an element of humour to even the most demanding clients. And whether she’s an NFL cheerleader, a Penthouse Playmate, or Daddy’s little girl, these beautiful L.A. brides are all stars in their own personal nuptial drama.

A showcase for Hollywood royalty in their finest form, the new Canadian series, Brides of Beverly Hills captures tears, tantrums, disappointments and triumphs of brides-to-be at a famous L.A. bridal boutique as they choose one of the most important – and most expensive – outfits of their lives.

Episodes Coming Up

July 28 – Episode 7:  BRENDI/DANI MARI

Two touching stories about brides who have dealt with personal tragedy, but have overcome their heartbreak and are looking towards the future and their weddings.

August 4 – Episode 8:  CARMEN/SHERRY

A bride on her third marriage and a bride who has lost a third of her weight– both come in to Renee’s store to shop for their happy ending.

August 11 – Episode 9:  EILEEN/ARRIKA

A real estate agent with a penchant for wanting to be reality star, and an army bride who lives thousands of miles away from her fiancé come in to Renee’s store looking for their dream bridal gown.

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