Ingrid Veninger’s “i am a good person/i am a bad person” playing TIFF now!

TIFF Public Screenings: September 13 - TBLB 4 - 12:30pm; September 17 - TBLB 4 - 8:45pm

i am a good person / i am a bad person

TIFF Public Screenings
September 13- Public 2- TBLB 4 – 12:30 PM
September 17- Public 3- TBLB 4 – 8:45 PM

TIFF Press + Industry Screenings
September 12 – TBLB 5 – Press +Industry 1 – 3:15PM
September 15 – Scotiabank 9 – Press + Industry 2 – 9:00AM

Ingrid Veninger
Simon Reynolds
Jacob Switzer
Hallie Switzer

assistant editor –  ANNE FELDMAN
colorist – JAMES YAZBECK
title design – PAUL SYCH
sound design – JAKOB THIESEN
additional sound recording – JOHN SWITZER
re-recording mixer – ERIC APPS

Well-intentioned but misguided filmmaker Ruby White leaves her husband and
son in Toronto and embarks on a European film festival tour with her eighteen-year-old
daughter, Sara, tagging along as her assistant. Ruby over-shares,
doesn’t listen and is a bundle of insecurities, inevitably pushing Sara (and the
world) away. When criticism from an audience member at a UK screening
triggers Ruby to question herself, the mother-daughter relationship melts down.
Ruby travels to the next screening in Berlin alone, while Sara visits her cousin in
Paris. The malaise and loneliness of being on their own forces both women to
confront secrets they have withheld from their loved ones, and make a bold
decision before they return home.