Introducing Hot Dogs 2020, the satirical film festival and pitch forum you didn’t know you didn’t not-need.



Introducing Hot Dogs 2020, the satirical film festival and pitch forum you didn’t know you didn’t not-need.

 Hot Dogs 2020
a Festival Like No Other


Tuesday March 31 – 9:00pm ET
2nd annual (un)Official Hot Dogs Pitch Forum
Zoom Bloor Hot Dogs Cinema
HERE to Join the Forum


NOW more than ever, Outspoken and Outstanding documentaries are needed from our talented community. With that, we continue to unveil the programming for this year’s Hot Dogs 2020, a festival like no other.

Last week at our Press Conference we were pleased to announce that you will not see 225 films, all cancelled, from 666 countries, and that Gender parity was at an impressive 110%.

“We take great pride in sharing the news that our Hot Dogs press conference last week surpassed attendance of Hot Docs 2020, thanks to their postponement.”

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday March 31, Hot Dogs presents its 2nd annual (un)official Pitch Forum, beginning  at 9:00 pm ET, and coming to you digitally through Zoom Bloor Hot Dogs Cinema. The Zoom entry code will be posted on our Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon.

We are keeping to the side of humour during this unprecedented time, and trust you will understand this is a parody. Please do not try this at home.

Covid-Conspiracy pitches will be heard from members of Canada’s documentary community.

For those new to The Forum:

Each participant will have 5 minutes to pitch their project. They will be live in front of a Zoom audience. A loud bell will sound if you go one second over.

In light of the crisis, Hot Dogs is waiving all fact-checking requirements.

Keep in mind: Hot Dogs panel is looking for your most infectious, most outrageous, Covid-19 conspiracy documentary ideas.

The winner will receive the contents of the Hot Dogs Digital Cuban Hat, as well as gloating rights.

Next up, on April 7, we will be hosting a film screening, with post Q&A, on the Zoom Bloor Hot Dogs Cinema. Details to be determined.

“Documentary filmmakers notoriously work in solitude, and with Hot Dogs we are thrilled to be able to motivate people to meet in Zoom and come full circle as we once again are home alone.”

“We must remember that art brings people together, and as the quote goes, ‘there are times when dreams sustain us more than facts.’”

Programming plans are ongoing for the next weeks/months/years of quarantine, so do the right thing and protect yourself by following us on Facebook @hotdogsnotdocs to stay on top.

About Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs started as a small social gathering in a friend’s backyard on August 6, 2016 as a way to bring the doc community together.
Since then there have been six major events held, including the 2019 (un)Official Hot Dogs Forum, a ridiculous, inside-joke satire of the real-life Hot Docs Forum.

The Organizers

Andrew Moir –

Hannah Donegan –

Shasha Nakhai –

Ali Weinstein (aka Ali Chats) –

Caitlin Durlak (aka Minister of Culture) –



For more info, or to set up an interview, connect with the PR intern
Ingrid Hamneggs, 416-731-3034 –
Media assets can be found HERE