KINOSMITH presents LOVERS IN A DANGEROUS TIME a film by Mark Hug and May Charters

Lovers in a Dangerous Time may be one of the best Canadian Love stories ever!  It is truly Canadian, through and through.
Opens at AMC Y&D Friday April 6 for a weeks run

the answer to a Canadian love story

KINOSMITH presents


A film by Mark Hug and May Charters

Opens in Toronto Friday April 6, 2012, at AMC Y&D

What makes a love story Canadian? Is hockey required to be in the plot somehow? Can beer be as romantic as wine?

The award winning, Canadian independent film Lovers In A Dangerous Time has been charming hearts across Canada and inadvertently stirring questions of the country’s true romantic nature.

Hailed as a “date night movie that everyone on the date can actually enjoy,” now Toronto has a chance to see why film festival fans adored Lovers In A Dangerous Time when it won Calgary International Film Festival’s Audience Award. The film opens for a week’s run on Friday April 6, at AMC, Yonge & Dundas.

From the writing|directing|acting team of May Charters and Mark Hug, Lovers In A Dangerous Timeis a tale of small-town romance that follows a pair of former childhood friends that are reunited at their high school reunion in Creston, British Columbia. Dig a little deeper and it’s a comedy about youthful regrets, a drama about a brotherly feud that has never been settled on (or away) from the hockey rink, and a love story where boy meets girl, except that this boy and girl have known each other since they were two. It’s a romance, Canadian style.

It was crucial for Creston, B.C. native Mark, and Toronto born May, to tell a Canadian love story in the Canadian landscape.

“Too often Hollywood chews up Canada’s scenery but forgets to represent the life of the people that really live here,” says May. “The film, which is populated by real small town Creston locals,” adds Mark, “is a testament to Canadian life, and a portrait of what it means to be a kid at heart.

The film was made with such integrity of place, that in one instance the directors integrated their filming into an actually, real-life, 10-year high school reunion with eight placed actors, four cameras and no second takes, all in the spirit of giving the film a sense of realness that is palpable. This keen passion for honest and true to setting storytelling earned Mark and May, “The Maverick Award” at its Method Fest Premiere in Los Angeles. Following that, the film went on to win several awards, some of which include, “Best Canadian Feature Film,” at the Okanagan International Film Festival, and the “People’s Choice Award,” from the Calgary International Film Festival.

The title does pay homage to Bruce Cockburn’s classic song, not only in theme, as the soundtrack includes a new version of “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” covered by upcoming Montreal singer-songwriter,  JBM.


Finally a date night movie EVERYONE on the date can enjoy! It has a rekindling love affair for the ladies and enough hockey references to make even Don Cherry blush…Love, hockey, beer, houseboat parties; need I say more? When it comes to Canadian cinema, this one’s a gem”

– Erin F, CIFF

“An undeniably lovely film: natural, gorgeously shot, haunting, funny and practically oozing with Canadian! …snapshots of innocence that unfold so naturally that it’s hard to imagine they were scripted. Lovers in a Dangerous Time, is a wonderfully subtle love story that manages to wrestle grand themes of lost potential, jealousy, true love and the hard road to adulthood into a charming and low-key tale about childhood friends reuniting in Creston, B.C. This is a movie about real life and the thorny inconsistencies of real-life relationships, be they family or romantic. The final scenes are both bittersweet and haunting, the polar opposite of a Hollywood ending. Loose ends are left dangling, regrets and ambitions are never completely reconciled. It’s a reminder that reality rarely offers those comfortable certainties found in Hollywood films. Catch it while you can.”

– ERIC VOLMERS, Calgary Herald

“This film tears away little pieces of your heart while making you blush and laugh out loud. It captures the pure essence of what it is to have dreamed, and to have loved, and to have lost.”

– JULIA GILLMOR, Nelson Express Weekly

“I’ve seen the film and anyone who tends to despair for the future of narrative film (or just wants an enjoyable night at the movies) needs to see it as well. …Lovers in a Dangerous Time finds its centre in the reality of people’s feelings and lives and allows story to grow rather than creating it in a test tube. A heresy against Hollywood convention, certainly, but when the result is a charming and heartfelt film like this, who’s to complain?”

– ADRIAN BARNES, Rossland Telegraph.


-Winner ofthejury prize for’Best Feature Film’at the following 3 festivals:

Lakedance;  Port Townsend Film Festival;  Okanagan International Film Festival.

-Recipient of the Maverick Award at The Method Fest

-“People’s Choice” audience award at Calgary International Film Festival.


Lovers In A Dangerous Time is being released in Canada by KINOSMITH INC., an independent Canadian film distribution & marketing company founded in February 2007 by distribution veteran Robin Smith. With a mandate to bring critically-acclaimed Canadian and international films to audiences across the country, the company has distributed over 150 feature films in the last five years as well as provided marketing advice to completed films and productions in development.  Upcoming theatrical releases include, The Guantanamo Trap, China Heavyweight, Replicas featuring Selma Blair, Girl Model, Sound It Out, How To Make A book By Steidl, and The Story of Film: An Odyssey.