Life in a Fishbowl TIFF Premiere

Life In A Fishbowl

The Icelandic Film Company and Kisi Production presents



Still from Life in a Fishbowl 

Prostitute. Drunken novelist. Naive young executive. After generations of film, we’ve developed a shorthand of tropes – characters we’ve seen before and “know.”

Three strangers lives collide in Life in a Fishbowl, from Icelandic filmmaker Baldvin Z.  Eik (Hera Hilmar), is a single mother and daycare worker who moonlights as aReykjavík prostitute to support herself and her daughter. Móri (Thorsteinn Bachmann) is a poet and a drunkard, battling his past and searching for redemption for the unforgivable. Sölvi (Thor Kristjansson) is a former soccer star, climbing his way up the corporate ladder, where he becomes entangled in a world of corruption. After a series of chance meetings, their lives overlap and they forever alter each other’s paths. Baldvin Z connects the lives of these complicated characters and masterfully peels away the onion-layers of their pasts to reveal stories within stories.

Baldvin Z, who first burst upon the world cinema scene in 2010 with Jitters (about the coming-of-age of a gay teen) takes this stew of past and present and brings it to a boil against a weekend executive “work trip,” where personal and financial immorality dovetail.

Life in a Fishbowl is a simple story about three people who must face decisive changes to find some sort of redemption,” director Baldvin Z says. “What the main characters have in common is that they all lead a double life in one way or another. They all have daughters of a similar age and all have some sort of reckoning with the past, present or future looming over them.

“For my part, it is vital that the audiences see three characters they think they know everything about, and discover more complicated aspects to them. At the end, I hope they see three protagonists they have come to know intimately – not just as celluloid characters.”

Life In A Fishbowl is a The Icelandic Film Company/Kisi production. Founded in 1991 by Ingvar Thordarson and Julius Kemp, Kisi has had an impactful history on the festival circuit and has dominated the Icelandic box office with ambitious, demanding and entertaining features.

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