LIFE SUPPORT, a film by Renuka Jeyapalan – TIFF WORLD PREMIERE – Short Cuts Program

LIFE SUPPORTPhoto L - R: Raven Dauda, Jayne Eastwood

TIFF WORLD PREMIERE – Short Cuts Program

Carousel Pictures presents


Directed by Renuka Jeyapalan



Carousel Pictures and Sugar Shack Productions are pleased to announce LIFE SUPPORT, part of their 6-film “First Person” anthology of Globe and Mail articles adapted to screen, has been selected to make its world premiere at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival.

LIFE SUPPORT is written and directed by Renuka Jeyapalan (“Workin’ Moms”), and stars Raven Dauda (“Star Trek: Discovery”) and Jayne Eastwood (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”).

First Person (formerly ‘Facts and Arguments) is a venerable Canadian series of articles from The Globe and Mail which has run for over 30 years and features personal and intimate stories written by everyday readers. The film series is in its first season and challenges up-and-coming filmmakers to pick their favourite stories (over 10,000 published) and turn them in to short films.

“We encouraged our writers/directors to be absolutely fearless,” says Tyler, “to explore cinema in ways they otherwise wouldn’t be able.” “These stories were written by Canadians who wanted to share their own personal stories with the world. It’s an honour, a privilege and a genuine challenge to adapt these stories to film.”

In LIFE SUPPORT a rambunctious dog runs up to a stranger sitting on a bench, the stranger playfully throws back the ball. The dog owner and stranger begin to chat with typical niceties until the stranger is overwhelmed with grief. Awkward when a complete stranger is brought to tears, even more so when she comes in for a hug. Overcoming embarrassment, the stranger takes an odd situation and makes it even more so by explaining her grandson had contracted terminal meningitis and she was the one who had to pull the plug. Ashamed at her outburst she lets the dog owner know what time she normally walks the dog so they don’t have to cross paths again, but sympathy wins the day and they part on warm, tender terms. A routine dog-park visit puts life into perspective.

The film is produced by Carousel Pictures and Sugar Shack Productions, and with the important financial participation from the Independent Production Fund. The films are also financed with the support from the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit, and the Canadian Film or Video Tax Credit. Katelyn Cursio, Bruno Lyra and Kevin Prozes serve as co-producer for the films.

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