MANBORG a film by Steven Kostanski, returns for another late-nite adventure at The Royal, Feb 1, 11:30pm



Late-night Screenings at The Royal – 608 College St.

February 1 and March 1

Late-night screenings of Steven Kostanski’s Manborg have been growing monthly with Fanborg’s  coming out to celebrate this great new cult classic.

Raven Banner Entertainment and Ultra 8 Pictures, along with The Royal, have come together to present these monthly late night screenings. Next one up is February 1 at 11:30pm. Detailed listings are available on The Royal’s website.

Shot as a throwback to ’80s sci-fi horror action films, Manborg tells the story of a dead soldier who finds himself reanimated as a cyborg-killing defender of humanity, which Twitchfilm calls “a creative and hilarious love letter to the VHS sub culture.

There’s an Australian punker, a knife-wielding anime chick, a kung fu master (voiced with deliriously pitch-perfect stoicism by Kyle Herbert, the narrator from Dragon Ball Z) and of course the titular Manborg, a literal cinematic Frankenstein of pulp sci-fi pop culture references.

During its inaugural theatrical run across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax, the lo-fi sci-fi epic from infamous Winnipeg filmmaking collective Astron-6 (Father’s Day) was met with an uproariously enthusiastic reception from audiences, and Canadian press, leading to this second exclusive run at The Royal in Toronto.

Here’s a sampling of Manborg’s accolades:

“Deliberately silly, but… surprisingly smart” – Rick Groen, The Globe and Mail

“Nearly perfect… Kostanski manages just the right mix of ridicule and drama that we care about the plot even as we laugh at it.” – Chris Knight, The National Post

“It belongs alongside Hobo With a Shotgun and Beyond the Black Rainbow as another heartfelt expression of old-school genre-movie love that’s too cunning and well-crafted to qualify as mere camp.” – Jason Anderson, The GridTO

“A marvel of makeup, costuming and special effects” – Peter Howell, Toronto Star

Manborg is directed by Steven Kostanski, the special effects prodigy of Winnipeg’s filmmaking collective Astron-6, who deftly juggles co-writing, editing and directing duties on a micro budget of below $2K with the ambitious creation of an extraordinary barrage of elaborate miniatures, iconic costumes and delirious stop-motion creatures. Most impressively, despite drawing from so many sources, Manborg’s universe remains unmistakably original,and as a director, Kostanski’s vision is unquestionably unique and his talent impossible to deny.

Executive produced by TIFF Midnight Madness guru Colin Geddes (Ultra 8 Pictures) and Toronto After Dark’s Peter Kupowsky, Manborg celebrated its world premiere at Austin’s 2011 Fantastic Fest, and also impressed fans at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Fantasia, and has played more than 30 major film festivals worldwide including Whistler, Lund in Sweden, Boston Underground, U.K. Sci-Fi, and Neuchatel in Switzerland. Also playing with MANBORG is Kostanski’s brand-new short film BIO-COP, an epic emulation of 80s-era cop movie trailers, meticulously recreating the experience of watching VHS-era cheese with full-tilt gonzo gusto.


Manborg will have an official DVD release, April 16, 2013
by Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada and Raven Banner Entertainment

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