MDFF, Toronto’s award-winning filmmakers, Director Kazik Radwanski and Producer Dan Montgomery, debut their feature, TOWER, at Locarno Film Festival

Derek Bogart stars in TOWER – the debut feature from MDFF’s Director Kazik Radwanski and Producer Dan Montgomery. A World Premiere at The Locarno Film Festival – August 1 – 11, 2012


They’ve turned heads from Toronto to Berlin playing it short and sweet. Now director Kazik Radwanski and producer Dan Montgomery are following in the footsteps of feature film giants at the Locarno Film Festival.

MDFF is pleased to announce that Tower, the debut feature from Radwanski and Montgomery, will have its World Premiere next month at The Locarno Film Festival ( in Switzerland. The film is one of 15 titles selected as part of the Filmmakers of the Present Competition.

The Locarno Film Festival – recognized as the premier showcase for auteur cinema and emerging talent – has spotted and championed young directors from all over the world who have gone on to great careers: Stanley Kubrick, Mike Leigh, Bela Tarr, Atom Egoyan, Abbas Kiarostami, Gus Van Sant, Claire Denis, Pedro Costa, among others.

The Festival runs August 1 – 11 and MDFF wunderkinds Radwanski and Montgomery will be in attendance.

“This is a very Toronto-centric story, and to have an opportunity to share that with an international audience in Locarno means quite a lot,” said director Kazik Radwanski. “We are very honoured to be part of the festival’s longstanding tradition of supporting new voices in contemporary cinema,” adds producer Dan Montgomery.

Tower centres on a 34-year old man, Derek, who lives at home with his parents in Toronto, Canada. Unlike his married brother who is expecting a baby, Derek is single and without a career. Although he aspires to become a graphic-animator, he works part-time at his uncle’s construction company. Late at night he wanders the street alone and frequents nightclubs in search of companionship. Derek suddenly finds himself in an intimate relationship with Nicole, a woman he meets. When a neighbourhood raccoon becomes a constant nuisance by tearing up his family’s garbage, Derek sets out to catch it.

Radwanski and Montgomery have taken bows for their short films since their 2007 debut Assault. That and subsequent films have earned them awards and multiple invitations to the world’s top film festivals, including: the Berlinale, Edinburgh, Krakow, Melbourne and Toronto International Film Festivals. Their 2008 short film, Princess Margaret Blvd., generated numerous awards and accolades including Best International Short Film Award at the 2009 Edinburgh International Film Festival, and a nomination for Best Live Action Short Film at the 2010 Genie Awards. Their short Out in that Deep Blue Sea (2009) was in competition at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival, and received a Special Mention at the 2010 Krakow Film Festival. MDFF presented two short films at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival – Green Crayons and Woman Waiting. More recently, MDFF’s Kazik Radwanski won the Ingmar Bergman Award at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival and a K.M. Hunter Artist Award for Film and Video.

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