MISSION TO LARS – Raven Banner grabs Canadian rights, and opens in select theatres across Canada Oct. 2



Mission To Lars

Directed by William Spicer and James Moore

Featuring Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, Kate Spicer, William Spicer, Tom Spicer


The film’s trailer is available here.

Ultimately this is a film about overcoming adversity, facing your fears, family bonding and the power of music to reach anybody and everybody.”

~ Henry Northmore, The List

“You’ll cry a bit come the tense, touching climax – then punch the air with joy.”

~ Kevin Harley, Total Film


“I cried.”

~ Lemmy, Motorhead

“Metallica! As you’ve never seen them before.” 

– Niki Browes, InStyle


Opens in Select Theatres Across Canada – October 2


Raven Banner Entertainment has picked up Canadian rights to the heart- warming documentary Mission To Lars, that follows siblings Kate and William Spicer as they

attempt to fulfill their brother Tom’s lifelong dream, to meet Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.
Tom, who is on the Autism Spectrum, has spent the past 25-years at a residential care home in the English countryside; ignored, for the most part, by his family. When Kate and William share their idea to plan a road trip following the band as they tour along the west coast of the United States, Tom is game  — at first. But as the date of their departure from the U.K. draws closer, Tom begins to withdraw, refusing to cooperate. In spite of Tom’s obvious reluctance, Kate and William are determined to press on, and when they finally manage to track him down, they embark on their trip as planned. Complications, however, continue to arise at every corner. And as Tom’s sole caretakers, for the first time in their lives Kate and William come face-to-face with the physical and psychological reality of their brother’s condition — all while trying to navigate their way through massive crowds of fans for the slim chance of getting backstage access to some of the most iconic rock stars of all time.

Featuring cameo appearances by retired adult film actress and now heavy metal VJ Jasmine St. Claire, Slayer guitarist Kerry King, and of course members of Metallica, Mission To Lars is William Spicer and James Moore’s deeply personal and incredibly ambitious directorial debut, which was greeted enthusiastically by audiences and critics alike upon its release in the filmmakers’ country of origin, the U.K.

Mission To Lars will open in select theaters across Canada, starting October 2.




OTTAWA – MAYFAIR THEATRE (limited engagement)


Facebook: www.facebook.com/MissionToLars

TRT: 78 Minutes | Country: UK

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