So what's new? Moe Norman is 51; two years into seniors golfing competition and; needless to say; ha


(ANNOUNCING) Ask any Pro who the most consistent striker of the ball was, and the unanimous response is ‘Moe Norman.’

Producers David Carver Films and Scott Duncan announced today they will produce a feature film based on the life of one of the most unique, colourful and misunderstood characters in sports, Moe Norman. Among other credits this Unknown Legend racked up; 33 course records, 55 tournament victories, shot the rarely visited 59 at least three times, and called a hole-in-one a fluke yet was ‘fluky’ 17 times, including calling an ace seconds after the ball left the tee.

Norman sold his amateur prizes to survive, hitchhiked to tournaments, slept in sand traps, or under club house patios, and despite the records and accolades, spent much of his career alone, in obscurity and poverty.

An accident in his early childhood or a possible form of Autism never diagnosed, were thought to be the cause of Norman’s strange behavior, repetitive speech, preference to be alone and obsessive focus towards hitting a golf ball. On the pro circuit Norman’s talent for the game and regular antics attracted large galleries. Despite his numerous tournament wins and setting course records, the golf establishment felt embarrassed by his ambivalence to golf etiquette and his refusal to appear at trophy presentations. They vetoed his numerous nominations to the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. But by the mid 1990’s, with his confidence waning and prize money harder to win, Norman was living out of his car on the edge of poverty.

In January 1995, Titleist CEO Wally Uihlein met Norman at the Orlando PGA Golf Show, advising him that Titleist would pay Moe $5,000 per month for the rest of his life, for his contribution to the game of golf and for just being Moe. Norman was immediately surrounded by media and pros in a celebration and acknowledgment of his career.

Over the last 18 months, David Carver and Scott Duncan interviewed family, friends and former playing partners closest to Norman.

“Their support is matched by their incredible stories of Moe, both on and off the golf course. The stories are dramatic, comical, inspiring, heart wrenching and heartwarming,” says Carver. “We are currently meeting with writers and directors for the project, with the vision of balancing the drama, comedy and depth of Moe Norman’s life and achievements on and off the golf course.”

The Canadian and U.S. co-pro film budget is $15 Million U.S. with a target for Spring 2016 start of production. Shooting will take place in Canada and the U.S.

About David Carver
Look up the definition of persistence and you will see David Carver. Spanning 28 years as an Entertainment Entrepreneur, Carver has landed and produced successful tours with the world’s biggest musical artists, such as Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Sheryl Crow, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, ZZ Top, Brooks and Dunn, and this is just to name a few. You can imagine the tenacity exemplified in that pursuit, along with backstage stories collected during some of these phenomenal concert tours. Fuse that with experience in creating and negotiating complex entertainment deals, unique management philosophies, developing successful marketing campaigns and forming strategic partnerships and you have a Carver-career filled with experience, insight, creativity, and endless examples of swinging for the fence.  Carver’s 17-year relentless quest to develop and produce the Moe Norman legacy as a feature film has been achieved, and with it, an entertaining and inspirational journey, to say the least.

About Scott Duncan
Scott Duncan first began his film career in 1986 in Canada with Basstoy International, where he developed and sold national marketing campaigns for many of Steven Spielberg’s films including; Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, The Back To The Future series, American Tail, The Land Before Time, among others.  In 1995, Scott moved from Toronto to Los Angeles to join Trillion Entertainment where he helped produce, distribute, and market feature films for worldwide distribution. As Sr. Vice President of Operations he worked closely with such film stars as, Tobey Maguire, Benicio Del Toro, Julia Ormond, and Susan Sarandon. In 2005 Scott was asked to launch a new division for Trillion where he served as President for Trillion Digital Media, built to capitalize on the growing digital production and distribution technologies. By using his extensive relationships in the entertainment industry, Scott secured a multitude of studio content libraries and digital distribution partnerships in the USA, Europe, and Asia. In 2009, Scott launched his own consulting practice specializing in finance, production and distribution within film, TV, and digital media properties worldwide.