NAKED NEWS UNCOVERED | Super Channel and AllScreen Entertainment’s Unabashed New Series | World Broadcast Premiere | Sept 23 | 11:00pm EST

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Naked News Uncovered
Super Channel and AllScreen Entertainment’s
unabashed new series

World Broadcast Premiere
Monday September 23, 2013
11:00pm EST


(Toronto – August  20, 2013) – Welcome to a workplace where the dress code is zero and where keeping you abreast of the news is job one.  Naked News Uncovered is a quirky documentary series that smashes the fourth wall at the most unabashed media workplace in the world – Naked News.

A Super Channel original production from Toronto-based AllScreen Entertainment, Naked News Uncovered will have its world broadcast premiere on Monday September 23rd at 11 p.m. EST, kicking off eight of the year’s most audacious episodes of television programming. This cheeky examination of the longest-running show on the Internet is hilarious, bizarre and 100% real.

“We knew from the outset the series would be original and funny,” said Marguerite Pigott, Head of Creative Development for Super Channel, “but nothing prepared us for the bold, unforgettable characters and the unbelievable moments that are part of daily life in the singular world of Naked News. We are excited to be bringing this highly entertaining series to our Super Channel audience.”

“What we found at Naked News was a fascinating family of oddballs, misfits and larger-than-life characters,” says series co-creator and co-director Allan Novak. “The events that transpired over the six months of filming are both jaw-droppingly bizarre and unbelievably funny.”

The world’s first and only all-nude news show,  Naked News burst onto the world scene in 1999 and immediately garnered massive media attention. Produced in Toronto, it’s a subscription website and daily TV newscast featuring attractive female anchors who blithely shed al their clothes while delivering the news.  It’s funny, sexy and often surreal. But make no mistake, it is real!

“At Naked News, we found a passionate group of professionals who find themselves in a surreal workplace,” says Co-creating and directing partner Barri Cohen. “They’re also a dysfunctional ‘family’ that manages to turn out a daily news show of surprising quality.”

In 2013, Naked News is still very much alive, but is struggling to stay ahead of the avalanche of content that the digital age offers. It’s a beacon of enduring titillation and quirk in a ‘Net where memes are lucky to last a week.
Naked News Uncovered was created and executive produced by Allan Novak and Barri Cohen of AllScreen Entertainment.

About AllScreen Entertainment
AllScreen Entertainment is a newly-launched Canadian media company led by two of the most talented and respected TV producers in the country, Allan Novak and Barri Cohen. AllScreen was founded in 2011 with a mandate to make smart, funny and memorable programs-with-heart across genres, formats, platforms and borders. Along with network-based television, AllScreen intends to build co-ventures, brand partnerships and engage in alternative, out-of-the-box business thinking that matches the speed of change in today’s media world. Look to AllScreen to deliver a wide slate of factual, lifestyle, reality and documentary programs –  as well as scripted and unscripted comedy and dramatic entertainment – on all screens.

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