pUNK Films presents ONLY – a film by Ingrid Veninger + Simon Reynolds

in Toronto at The Royal, begins April 24


if you only have one day… make it count

pUNK Films presents


A film by Ingrid Veninger and Simon Reynolds

Opens for an exclusive run at The Royal

Beginning April 24 and running @ 7pm each night

Filmmakers and Cast will be present for Q&A’s

608 College Street


Introducing Jacob Switzer and Elena Hudgins Lyle

Director of Photography Ian Anderson Editor Aren Hansen

Casting Marissa Richmond Story by Ingrid Veninger

Music by Wee Golden, Bebop Cowboys, Laura Repo & The Blue Healers, Menomena, My Two Toms, Envelopes, Joanne Mackell & The Paradise Rangers, Ecstatic Sunshine, Blackblack, High Places, Woods

Written, Directed, Produced by Ingrid Veninger and Simon Reynolds

“Every time I see a film like Ingrid Veninger and Simon Reynolds’ ONLY, my faith in cinema is restored.”

– Michael Tully, www.hammertonail.com

(Toronto – March 17, 2009)  A personal journey became a literal one for Toronto filmmaker/producer Ingrid Veninger, who has travelled the world taking bows for her film ONLY.

A triumph – both of minimalist filmmaking and emotional truth – Veninger and Simon Reynolds’ ONLY returns home for an exclusive run at The Royal, beginning April 24. Since premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, 2008, ONLY has been celebrated at festivals in Rome, Vancouver and Australia (Audience Award for Best Film).  After its US premiere in competition at Slamdance 2009, ONLY screened at the Film Market in Berlin, and at the Cineteca in Milan and Como. Upcoming Screenings include: Parry Sound, Saskatoon, New Orleans, Method Fest. In Los Angeles and the Sarasota International Film Festival. pUNK Films is handling the theatrical distribution in Canada with the assistance of Telefilm’s Alternative Distribution Fund. International Sales are handled by BC based Horizon Motion Pictures.

The film, starring Veninger’s own son Jacob Switzer and newcomer Elena Hudgins Lyle, is a disaffected ‘tweens-eye-view of life in a Northern Ontario town. There, Daniel (Switzer) spends his days ditching chores in the motel his parents own and tries to avoid being bullied by the local kids into supplying them booze. His emotional twin, Vera (Hudgins Lyle) appears to him with her face down in the motel pool, an evocation of drowning that suggests the stress dealt to her on the road by her squabbling, about-to-separate parents. Together they share thoughts and insights, innocent and precocious, that lead them to a mutual epiphany about their disconnect from their parents and their life.

ONLY was inspired by my time in northern Ontario in the late-70’s,” says Ingrid Veninger. “My parents had just emigrated from Czechoslovakia. My father got a job managing a motel south of Parry Sound, Ontario. My mother was working in Toronto and we’d drive north every weekend rain or shine. I spent every weekend and all my holidays at the motel from the age of 8-12. My parents were often working. I was an only child. I helped clean the motel rooms and swimming pool.  But mostly, my time was spent dreaming up adventures and making up stories. ONLY is essentially one of those stories”.

Writer/Director/Producer/Actor, Ingrid Veninger is primarily known to Canadian audiences as an actor – from childhood to adult – who’s worked with Holly Hunter, Stellan Skarsgard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Janeane Garofalo and Meryl Streep, amongst others. In 1988, she made the transition to producing and has produced many award winning, critically acclaimed productions with filmmakers, Jeremy Podeswa (STANDARDS), Anais Granofsky (ON THEIR KNEES, THE LIMB SALESMAN), Julia Kwan (THREE SISTERS ON MOON LAKE), Peter Mettler (GAMBLING, GODS & LSD) and Charles Officer (NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY-www.nursefighterboy.ca).

Simon Reynolds worked with Veninger on his two short films, WHITE LIGHT and URIAH. Like Veninger, Simon began acting at the age of 11 and has since played over 100 roles in feature films and television. Together they attended the 2006 TIFF Talent Lab, mentored by Sally Potter, Michael Ondaatje and Don McKellar. ONLY is their first joint feature film collaboration.


For more info, to set up interviews, request screeners, get GAT:
Ingrid Hamilton – h/o: 416-482-6142 c: 416-731-3034 ingrid @gat.ca

Charlene Coy  – o: 416-546-2179  c: 416-908-7333  charlene@gat.ca
For Full Press Kit, Stills, Reviews, and Trailer GO TO www.onlythemovie.com

ONLY – The Critics

“Every time I see a film like Ingrid Veninger and Simon Reynolds’ ONLY, my faith in cinema is restored.”
Michael Tully, www.hammertonail.com

“This movie is a dandelion, a firefly, a first kiss, something real that warms you with a gorgeous soundtrack.”
IMDB, Greg Bryk

“First-time feature filmmakers Veninger and Reynolds have a firm grasp on finding the magic in life’s mundane details.”
Janis Cole, NOW Magazine. *** (3 out of 4).

“ONLY is a luminous and lyrical study of tween ennui…”
Steve Gravestock, TIFF Programmer

“… the kids respond with impressively unaffected performances. They truly seem to be listening to each other.”
Adam Nayman, EYE Magazine. **** (4 out of 5)

“I hope programmers in America take the time to catch up with this little gem of a movie and that ONLY finds its way to audiences everywhere.”
Tom Hall, IndieWire

“ONLY felt like the ultimate “Canadian” film… because it subtly captures what makes our culture and country so truly distinct.”
Greg Klymkiw, Filmmaker

“A deceptively simple film… ONLY gently unfolds to become a deft – and blunt – exploration of the anxious yet romantic world of teens.”
R.M. Vaughan, The Globe and Mail.

“An extraordinary example of independent cinema.”
Erminio Fischetti, Iniziativa, Roma

“ONLY tingles with some very grown-up emotions, chiefly that back-of-the-throat nostalgia for a time and place you’ll never get back to, and didn’t necessarily appreciate the first time around.”
Adam Nayman, POV Magazine, Canada

“This film didn’t just remind me of being twelve. I actually had some kind of physical chemical reaction and felt twelve again.”
movingkatiedid.blogspot.com, Sydney, Australia

“Veninger and Reynolds’ film isn’t even about falling in love, per se. It’s about waking up to the idea of love. Most people fall in love more than once in their lives, to varying degrees. But there’s only one chance to feel that possibility as it presents itself for the very first time. ONLY captures that rare, magical moment in time.
Michael Tully, www.hammertonail.com