Petrol: The Series

Weaving Through AFM

Nominated for Best Ensemble Cast and Best Lead Performance at the upcoming Rio WebFest

N5 Pictures wheels into AFM with international rights to the IPF funded series, Petrol, a super-charged wheel-enhanced dramatic series, produced in partnership with the Independent Production Fund.

This high-octane, story driven series revolves around five daring drivers from all walks of life who work for a mysterious figure known only as “The Employer”. The Employer assigns each driver various tasks that require them to use their unique driving skills. Each character has her/his own motivation for taking on these jobs, but the one thing they have in common is the valor to drive with reckless abandon.

Petrol has drawn in millions of viewers in just 5 episodes out of the gate. With a target age range of 18 – 35, skewing more male. An advertiser’s dream team.

Written and Produced by Ant Horasanli and Reza Sholeh, Directed by Horasanli. With Cinematography from Tyson Burger and Tomasz Kurek. And Editing by Horasanli.

Petrol stars Tyler Blake Smith, Kane Mahon, Kevin Corrigan, Jamie Elizabeth Sampson, Robert Gulassarian, Jimmy Yu, Mark Rival.

Recently Petrol was nominated for a couple of awards, Best Ensemble Performance (Action) and Best Male Performance in an Action Series (Kane Mahon, Patriot) at the Rio WebFest, taking place in early December.

About N5 Pictures: N5 Pictures is a Toronto based production company.  The company’s first film Redline – The Culture of Street Racing won ‘Best Documentary Feature’ at the Long Island, New York Film Festival in 2003.  In 2011 the company produced Lost Journey which was acquired by Mongrel Media and released theatrically in Canada and the US.  The film went on to be picked up by Super Channel and Netflix.  The company’s second feature film is currently in post-production with the participation of Telefilm Canada and will be released in early 2017.

About the IPF: The Independent Production Fund was established in 1991 to provide financial support for dramatic television series created by Canadian independent producers for Canadian private broadcasters.  In 2010, the IPF expanded its mandate to include an experimental pilot program to include financing of drama series for the web.