PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL MONOGAMIST directed by Christina Zeidler and John Mitchell – Opens in Toronto Feb 12, Carlton Cinema

Marina Cordoni Entertainment,
Industry Pictures and Chosen Waters Productions


A whip-smart romantic dramedy

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist

Written and Directed by Christina Zeidler and John Mitchell

Opens February 12 in Toronto
Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St. 

More cities and dates to be announced

Opening weekend special events:
Feb 12th – Live Q&A/improv session with the actors after the evening screenings
Feb 13th – Q&A with music composer and live performances by musicians
Feb 14th – Q&A with directors, actors and special guests

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When it comes to relationships, everyone’s an expert and everyone’s full of s**t.

The romantic comedy status quo is challenged in Christina Zeidler and John Mitchell’s hilariously quick-witted Portrait of a Serial Monogamist, which, after a successful U.S. theatrical release and festival run, will have its Canadian release on February 12 at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto.

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist focuses on the smart, successful, and charming, Elsie Neufeld (played by Diane Flacks). A perfect girlfriend; she also happens to be a serial monogamist with a long history of broken hearts. When Elsie breaks up with her long-standing girlfriend (Carolyn Taylor), to pursue another woman, her life begins to unravel.  Her friends think she has a problem, her family thinks she’s making a big mistake and Elsie’s new love interest (Vanessa Dunn) might not be interested in a relationship. Worst of all, Elsie begins to have the nagging suspicion that she may have made a big mistake.

Their first feature, Zeidler and Mitchell set out to create a smart and stylish film that would present an ensemble of funny, talented actors who would challenge the mould of stereotypical romantic comedy leads.  Starring a host of familiar Canadian faces, the film includes Diane Flacks (“Working the Engels”), Carolyn Taylor (“Baroness Von Sketch Show’), Vanessa Dunn (Vag Halen), Sabrina Jalees (“The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore”), Gavin Crawford (“This Hour Has 22 Minutes”, “Because News”) and Robin Duke (“SCTV”).

“We [were] talking about the movies that we love, specifically romantic comedies, and how the protagonist is often an emotionally immature guy, who is kind of a jerk, but charming enough that you like him anyway,” said Zeidler. “I was saying that we always see a guy in that role and how refreshing it would be to see a woman in that role.”

“I remember the light bulb instantly going off in my head, and saying that if you ever wanted to write that screenplay, I would love to work on it with you. I was drawn to the idea of doing something totally original,” said Mitchell.

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist is also a beautifully shot ode to Toronto, and the city’s queer community.  “We were interested in the idea of making Toronto a character. Toronto isn’t New York, of course, and we didn’t want to disguise that, turn the city into something it isn’t,” said Mitchell. “We wanted to show Toronto the way we see it, [and] give audiences an insider’s view; the secret city, as we call it.”

On the eve of the Valentine’s Day weekend, Portrait of a Serial Monogamist presents a whip smart comedy that has something for every one on the romantic spectrum: single and lovin’ it, looking around, happily coupled or thinking about moving on!

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist is written and directed by Christina Zeidler (Deep Lez Film Craft, The Gladstone Hotel) and John Mitchell (The Drowsy Chaperone), produced by Mehernaz Lentin (Fall), and features a stellar original score by Canadian music icon Don Pyle (Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Black Heel Marks).

The film is distributed in Canada by Marina Cordoni Entertainment.

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