Judgement Day for Raw Milk And Michael Schmidt

The Verdict Is In…
And it’s finally judgement day for Raw Milk
And The Tireless Efforts of Michael Schmidt
January 21, 9:00am, Newmarket Tannery Courhouse

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(Toronto – January 12, 2010)  The call to judgment has come for farmer, father and organic hero, Michael Schmidt.

The man who has made raw milk one of the most talked about foods of recent years, has been notified that a verdict will be announced in his trial for unlawful sale of the product, January 21 at 9:00am, in Newmarket Tannery Courthouse, 465 Davis Drive.

If found guilty, he could be effectively bankrupted by fines.

“Regardless of the outcome, I’m excited,`says a jubilant Schmidt. “If it goes our way, we can celebrate. And if it doesn’t, it will mark an exciting new phase of this battle.”

Raw milk – un-pasteurized and un-homogenized – is sought out by gourmet chefs for its flavor and by aficionados of organic and unprocessed foods.

Since age 16, Michael Schmidt has made his passion his vocation, devoting his life to agriculture. After immigrating from Germany, the Schmidt family started Glencolton Farms, a pioneering operation for the later trends in organic agriculture – raw milk production among them.

Over three years ago armed officers from the Ministry of Natural Resources raided Schmidt’s farm, seizing equipment and computers. He was charged with failure to obey a written order to refrain from storing and producing raw milk products.

One month later, and after losing 50 pounds on a hunger strike, Schmidt brought a cow to the steps of the legislature. He marked the end of his hunger strike by drinking a glass of milk from the cow he brought. It was just the beginning of Schmidt’s public protest. He held press conferences, rallies and, last year, the first international raw milk symposium that brought to Toronto internationally-renowned scientists, to speak on the subject of raw milk safety. In the last three years Schmidt has been actively involved in building the new emerging food rights movement across North America.  As well, Schmidt recently received the support of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to defending constitutional freedoms through education, communication and litigation.

Directly across the street from the Tannery Courthouse, Schmidt and supporters are holding an indoor rally. US author David Gumpert will be on hand to speak on his research about raw milk in North America. Gumpert will also sign copies of his new book The Raw Milk Revolution, and will be available for interviews. Amongst others, a former insider of the Canadian dairy industry will also speak at the rally.

The rally will run from noon-to-4 p.m. at the Newmarket Seniors Meeting Place, 464 Davis Drive.

Michael Schmidt articulates his passion productively and progressively. This charismatic farmer is not only representing the underdog, he is an inspiration for anyone who dares to declare their personal freedom from arbitrary overregulation.




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