Real to Reel presents Bill Spahic’s Animism: People Who Love Objects | A World Broadcast Premiere | GLOBAL TV | September 28, 2013 | 8:00PM ET



The “things” we love

Bill Spahic’s
Animism: People Who Love Objects
Takes human attraction beyond flesh

A World Broadcast Premiere  |  GLOBAL TV | September 28, 2013 | 8:00PM ET


Imagine a wedding vow that begins, “I tie you, flesh to steel.”

With those words, Linda, an accomplished corporate pilot, marries the gargantuan Bruce, a carnival ride – cementing a relationship that’s as real and sensuous to Linda as any between two people.


Animism: People Who Love Objects explores a newly-named sexual orientation, Objectum-Sexuality (OS), which is only now surfacing in society’s consciousness. The documentary by Real to Reel’s Bill Spahic (Iris Chang: The Rape Of Nanking; Yours Al, starring Gordon Pinsent) introduces the public to a surprisingly-widespread, but little known area of human attraction – involving a real desire (emotional and sexual) for objects, not as fetishes, but as loving life partners.


Linda is one of five proud OS people we meet in Animism: People Who Love Objects. The others include:

-Carl, a Quebecer who claims a fully-realized sexual relationship with his car, Blitz.

-Amanda, from Leeds, England, who passionately longs for (and dresses up as) the Statue Of Liberty.

-B.C., an ordained priest in Portland, Ore., who was forced to leave the church because of his love for his soundboard.

-And Erika, an American world champion archer living in Berlin, who has married the Eiffel Tower, but has now fallen in love all over again with the remnants of the Berlin Wall and has a new love on the horizon.

As is often the case when one’s natural feelings run counter to convention, they all share stories of crushing rejection and, in some quarters, surprising acceptance. In the case of Erika, the intense love of her bow brought her international acclaim. But all the participants still represent a part of the human condition and love that remains in the shadows.


“I was looking for documentary ideas,” says director Spahic. “I came across an item on Erika and her marriage to the Eiffel Tower that stopped me in my tracks. I learned she was part of a growing subculture of people who have a different sexual orientation than those we generally know and accept. I set out on a journey to find out “How does that work?”

“It takes courage to put yourself and your love life out there in public for all to see, and even more courage when your lover is an inanimate object,” Spahic continues. “I’ve seen what the twitter–verse can do to people like this and it’s cruel, so I hope after watching this film everyone will have a better understanding and realize that they just want to live their lives and experience the joy of love like the rest of us. The validation they seek will take years, but maybe this is a start. At the very least it will challenge your concept of true love.  I am excited to present the film to show the viewer “how does that work.”

Animism: People Who Love Objects was produced by Toronto-based Real to Reel Productions, and will launch OBSESSIONS, Global (Shaw) TV’s documentary strand on subcultures. Director William Spahic is a two-time nominee for a Director’s Guild of Canada Award, and a past Gemini nominee.