BLUE ICE DOCS presents

Requiem For The American Dream

Directed by Peter D. Hutchison, Kelly Nyks, Jared P. Scott

Noam Chomsky chronicles the death of the middle class in this provocative doc

Opens in Toronto
November 26, 2015



One of our era’s most brilliant minds, the linguist and social critic Noam Chomsky has laid bare the failures, injustices and barbarisms of a corporate-controlled world for more than a half-century.

And in the compellingly-presented documentary Requiem For The American Dream, co-directors Peter Hutchison, Kelly Nyks and Jared Scott serve up Chomsky’s most up-to-date analysis of a once-robust consumer economy’s death spiral.

BLUE ICE DOCS presents this thought provoking documentary in Toronto for a theatrical run at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, beginning November 26.

Starting with a concentration of wealth and power that’s spanned two generations – backed up by historical documents-of-intent – Requiem For The American Dream breaks down the “battle plan” of the oligarchy to dismantle the reforms of the 20th Century.

Demonizing unions and collectivity of any kind (including public schools, health care and social benefits), manufacturing trivial consumer demand and distractions, escaping taxes and other societal obligations, “regulating the regulators” by gaining financial control of the political process and law-making itself. Chomsky pulls the curtain on what seems a comprehensive and single-minded strategy.

And underlining it all is a quote pulled from the very Bible of capitalism, Adam Smith’s Wealth Of Nations, in which Smith calls selfishness and greed, “the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.”

Requiem For The American Dream is all set against a collage of visual media, with Chomsky presented on the screens ranging from laptops to ancient cathode-ray TVs – in keeping with a personality who’s been the voice of our social conscience since the Vietnam War.

“Noam continually challenged our thinking,” says Hutchison, whose interviews with Chomsky spanned a year and a half. “You think you’ve got a handle on a particular subject, and he shines a light on an arcane chapter of American history that shifts and enriches your perspective. He is not a sound-bite person, and he’s not a fan of simple answers, but he’s a reminder of what discourse used to be.

“Our goal as filmmakers is to present these important thoughts in a way that will resonate with the broader audience, to support his message and not overshadow it. I think our future as a society depends on listening to that message and acting on it.”

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