Road Hard

Adam Carolla walks the walk in the comedy-themed road-comedy

Road Hard

Written and Directed by Adam Carolla and Kevin Hench

a Video Services Corp. presentation 


Opens in Toronto

April 10, Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St.

Available On Demand and on iTunes April 10

Comedy isn’t a load of laughs for Bruce Madsen, the melancholy protagonist of Adam Carolla’s triple-threat movie Road Hard.

Approaching 50, the lifelong stand-up comic is past his prime as a “hot” Hollywood property. Meanwhile, Jack Taylor, his onetime co-host on a macho cable comedy series called The Bro Show, is a beloved talk show host.  For Bruce this means futile, self-destructive attempts to land sitcom roles, constant reminders of his place on the B-list and an endless stream of Chuckle Huts and Comedy Caves from Buffalo to Houston.

Even home is a constant splash of cold water. He lives in the garage of the house he bought in better times, while his wife (Illeana Douglas) and their daughter (Cynthy Wu) live inside with his wife’s boyfriend (David Koechner).

Can anyone or anything save Bruce from the curse of the road?

Director/star Adam Carolla, who co-wrote Road Hard with Kevin Hench, also co-hosted a cable comedy series (The Man Show) with a now-beloved talk show host (Jimmy Kimmel). But there the similarity ends.

Carolla – who has appeared on and written for Jimmy Kimmel Live – called on a veritable comedy all-star team for appearances and roles in Road Hard. Among the participants: Howie Mandel, Larry Miller, David Koechner, Jay Mohr, David Alan Grier and Dana Gould. So no tears for Carolla, who nonetheless understands the plight of the late-career comic.

“I made a boxing movie about eight years ago or so called The Hammer,” Carolla says. “I wanted to make another movie, and I wanted to make it about something I knew. That beats making it about something you don’t know, because that requires a lot of research.”

Though he maintains, “if you can make a living doing any form of comedy – even if it’s just enough to pay your rent – you’re not a failure.”

“Still, it can be depressing just getting by at a certain age. It’s not depressing when you’re 27, but it can be when you’re 50.”

Comedian, broadcast personality and actor Adam Carolla co-hosted The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel from 1999-2004. He also hosted a long-running syndicated radio call-on show called Loveline, was a regular performer on the raunchy puppet series Crank Yankers, and was a morning radio host on KLSX-FM in Los Angeles. He starred, co-wrote and co-produced the 2007 indie boxing comedy The Hammer. Carolla’s books Not Taco Bell Material and In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks… And Other Complaints from an Angry Middle-Aged White Guy both made the New York Times best-seller list.

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