Steve Jobs poster

Video Services Corp.,

Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine
a film by Alex Gibney

Opens in

Toronto: August 21
The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 506 Bloor St. W.

Vancouver: September 4
VanCity Theatre, 1181 Seymour St.

Calgary: September 4
617 8 Ave. Southwest

video on demand and iTunes:  September 4

 From Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, the creator of such controversial and thought-provoking films as Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks, and Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, comes another penetrating and contemplative exploration of contemporary society and the men and women who shape it:  Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. Not a corporate-sanctioned hagiography, it was made without Apple’s cooperation or that of Jobs’ immediate family. The film opens in Toronto August 21 from Video Services Corp, with Calgary and Vancouver following September 4. It will also be available on demand and on iTunes on September 4.

The Man In The Machine follows Steve Jobs from his early years with boyhood friend (and Apple co-founder) Steve Wozniak, through his personal and private life. The innovative structure of the film allows Gibney the freedom to explore the trenchant paradoxes of Jobs’ personal and public life, and simultaneously examine the complexities of society’s interaction with personal computer technology.

In addition, through his probing analysis of Jobs, Gibney exposes the darker side of Silicon Valley, where innovators create life-changing software and hardware that is then manufactured under appalling conditions overseas, implicating us all in the darker aspects of this new industrial revolution; where collusion, a winner-take-all philosophy and a reckless disregard for social responsibility are a dangerous harbinger of things to come. A byproduct of Gibney’s investigation of Jobs’ life is a larger commentary on the current state of technology in the modern world, how it has brought us closer together and, at the same time, isolated us.

But first and foremost, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine is an evocative portrait of one man’s legacy. It unravels the larger than life myth Steve Jobs so deliberately crafted, and examines the perpetuation of his values, which continue to shape the culture of Silicon Valley to this day.

“I’m aware of the irony that I love my iPhone, and I talk about that in the film,” says Gibney. “But when Steve Jobs died, there was such a global outpouring of grief, I was fascinated. I wanted to do something about someone who could inspire this, structured like Citizen Kane.”

“Hopefully, I’ve provided a more complex portrait. I don’t think Jobs was an inventor so much as a storyteller with an ability to push people. He was THE storyteller of the computer age. But many of the stories he told simply weren’t true.”

Oscar winner Alex Gibney has created some of the most vividly-told and talked-about documentaries of the century, including Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room, The Armstrong Lie, We Steal Secrets: The Story Of WikiLeaks, Client 9: The Rise And Fall Of Eliot Spitzer, and Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

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