THE DEVOUT a film by Connor Gaston debuts in Toronto at Carlton Cinema, starting April 7

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The Devout
Directed by Connor Gaston

Opens in Toronto – One Week Engagement – Starting April 7
Carlton Cinema – 20 Carlton St.


26-year-old Connor Gaston’s crisis-of-faith drama

Won a total of 7 Leo Awards last year winning:
Best Motion Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress,
and Best Performance by a Female in a Supporting Role for 5-year-old Olivia Martin.

Starring: Charlie Carrick, Ali Liebert, Gabrielle Rose and introducing Olivia Martin

In person interviews available in Toronto with Charlie Carrick
and by phone/skype with director Connor Gaston, actors Ali Liebert and Gabrielle Rose in Vancouver

The Devout, the award-winning debut feature film from Canadian writer/director Connor Gaston, will have its theatrical premiere in Toronto after a successful festival run.

Inspired by true events, The Devout is the story of a humble father in a rural Bible belt town in British Columbia who must face his church, his wife and ultimately himself when he begins to believe that his dying daughter was an Apollo 1 astronaut in a previous life.

The crisis-of-faith drama about reincarnation and the power of belief won seven Leo Awards last year in Vancouver, adding to its honours from festivals such as the Vancouver International Film Festival, South Korea’s Busan International Film Festival, the Victoria Film Festival, and China’s Shanghai International Film Festival.

Gaston used a childhood memory as inspiration for the story. “When I was three, my parents half-seriously asked me if I could remember being someone else. According to them, I said yes, claiming my name was Mark and I’d been a carpenter,” muses Gaston.

Executive Producer Daniel Hogg (Two 4 One) believes the concept remains largely untapped in film. “Not since Kenneth Brannagh’s Dead Again (1991) have we seen a mainstream film haunt us with past lives as part of the central concept,” he states.

The unique subject matter attracted acting talents Ali Liebert (Bomb Girls, Wonder) and Charlie Carrick (Reign, Molly Maxwell), but for the pivotal role of the is-she-or-isn’t-she reincarnated child, the film dared to cast four-year old newcomer Olivia Martin.

“Olivia is a natural. I never thought working with a four-year old could be such a joy,” remarks Gaston. Originally envisioned as a boy, her role was rewritten when producers found Martin by placing an ad at a preschool in Victoria, where the film was primarily shot.”

The Devout was made possible by the Telefilm Microbudget Program, the BC Arts Council and Cinevic Society of Independent Filmmakers.