The Kindergarten Teacher


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The Kindergarten Teacher
A film by Nadav Lapid

Opens in Toronto – August 14 – Carlton Cinema 

Opens in Montreal – August 14 – Cinema du Parc + Cinema Beaubien

2014 Cannes Film Festival

2015 New Directors/New Films

The Kindergarten Teacher
is the story of a teacher who becomes at first enchanted, and then ultimately consumed by the genius of her five-year-old student.

As Nira (Sarit Larry) discovers that her young student, Yoav (Avi Shnaidman), has an otherworldly talent for language and poetry, she slowly and progressively becomes interested in cultivating the boy’s gift. But when fascination morphs into obsession, Nira pushes the boundaries of her relationship with the boy and his family in an attempt to protect his talent before he passes from boyhood to adolescence, and his purity is lost.

The poetry of director Navad Lapid is featured throughout the film. “Between the ages of four and a half and seven, I wrote over 100 poems, most of which I dictated to my nanny. The first was a love poem to Hagar, the older sister of my friend from kindergarten,” said Lapid. “It was presumably my heyday in terms of creativity. At seven years old I stopped, not wanting to write anymore or have anything to do with those poems. I resumed writing prose only after I was released from the army, but never a poem. My parents put my poems in a drawer and no one took them out for over 25 years. I avoided reading them altogether, until the idea formed in my mind to make this film.”

The Kindergarten Teacher stars Sarit Larry, Avi Shnaidman, Ester Rada, Lior Raz, and Yehezkel Lazarov.

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