The Resurrection of a Bastard

the film that has been wowing genre and arthouse fans comes to Toronto!



The Resurrection of a Bastard
A film by
Guido van Driel

Opens Theatrically in Toronto – Friday March 27

Carlton Cinema (20 Carlton St.)


Kingsway Theatre (3030 Bloor St., W.)



2013 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Fantasia Film Festival, Fantastic Film Festival, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Denver, San Diego, Cleveland, Athens

Winner – Best Actor Yorick Van Wageningen  (Blackhat, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) Fantastic Film Festival,

Nominations – Jury Prize and Best Narrative Film, Fantastic Film Fest, Art Cinema Award, Hamburg Film Fest, Tiger Award Rotterdam Film Fest


Brutally violent, darkly funny and cinematically inventive…”  Screen Daily

Van Wageningen is captivating in both incarnations of the eponymous bastard”The Hollywood Reporter

The Resurrection of a Bastard is tinged with wisdom but fuelled by the excitement of discovery.” Twitch Film

“..a richly complex, beautifully executed character piece adapted from his own graphic novel by first time writer-director Guido van Driel..” Fantastic Fest

Ronnie is a bastard. And not just any bastard. Ronnie is an exceptional bastard. Syndicado presents the critically acclaimed Dutch thriller The Resurrection of a Bastard, a first feature film by graphic novelist Guido van Driel, opening the film in Toronto at two theatres on March 27, Carlton Cinema and the Kingsway Theatre.

Ronnie is the hardest of the hard men, a gleefully heartless collector of debts and dispenser of violence whose world comes crashing down around him when a taste of his own violence splashes back upon himself. The near-death experience leaves Ronnie questioning the meaning and value of his life up until that point. But not so much that he doesn’t want revenge on the person who left him near-dead.

A richly complex, beautifully executed character piece adapted from his own graphic novel by first time writer-director Guido van Driel, The Resurrection Of A Bastard showcases a sly sense of gallows humor, attention to detail, and an easy way with characters that puts many better established, more widely known filmmakers to shame. Like last year’s Fantastic Fest award-winning Plan CThe Resurrection Of A Bastard fleshes out its truly remarkable writing with such fabulous performances and an understatedly slick sense of style that it leaves you wondering what exactly is going on in Holland to produce such unique, strong voices. Fans of the Coen Brothers and recent Scandinavian fare such as A Somewhat Gentle Man should take note: You’re about to discover a new favorite.

“The magic realism is new in Dutch cinema,” says van Driel. “At the same time, the film also contains typically Dutch elements. That singularity is a plus for international viewers; we all watch art house cinema for a glimpse of another part of the world. If the plot is worth it, of course. It was this uniqueness that led to De Noorderlingen’s (The Northerners) success abroad. Idiosyncrasy is better than trying to work in an international style or copying Hollywood. You can’t win that way.”

An audience favourite at Fantastic Fest, The Resurrection of a Bastard will rise in theatres and then head to VOD across North America April 7, 2015.

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