TVtropolis Heats Up With Original Series ENRAGED – Produced by Toronto’s Lively Media


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ENRAGED airs on May 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TVtropolis


A special episode of ENRAGED airs on May 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TVtropolis

 Toronto, ON (April  11, 2010) – Produced by Toronto based Lively Media, TVtropolis viewers can make an appointment with ENRAGED. This one-hour special takes an intimate, compelling and emotional look at a dark secret that affects and disrupts millions of North American families – rage. The ENRAGED one-hour special airs May 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT only on TVtropolis.

ENRAGED exposes the damage that extreme rage wreaks upon families. Millions of North Americans endure this kind of behaviour in their own daily lives, and for the first time ENRAGED captures this troubling family dynamic for television audiences. The program offers hope in the form of treatment as viewers watch two families attempt to salvage their relationships with therapy.

Andrée is based in Hamilton, Ontario and lives with her partner Tim and daughter Peyton. While she is a loving mother, her rage and aggression has both Tim and Peyton walking on eggshells. Andrée’s anger has gotten so severe and unpredictable that it is beginning to force her daughter and Tim to avoid her.

In Austin, Texas we meet Sam, his wife Jane and their three sons. On the exterior it seems like they live the American dream, however, behind closed doors Sam’s vicious anger is on the verge of destroying his relationship with his family. If Sam does not seek help, Jane is ready to move out of his life.

Both Andrée and Sam are at a turning point in their lives. If they do not seek help for their rage, they risk losing the people they love and the lives they’ve built. Find out if they find the help they need in time to conquer their rage, or if the damage is too severe to mend their deteriorating relationships.

“When I first started to develop this idea, I was astounded by the number of friends who confided to me that they had first-hand experience with rage in their domestic life,” said Leanna Crouch, Executive Producer, Lively Media. “This made me more determined than ever to create a television program that went behind closed doors to reveal the collateral damage resulting from being exposed to rage by a loved one. People with this problem and those who love them, should know they are not alone.”

ENRAGED makes clear that there is a possibility for recovery and shows the process step-by-step on how to get there. Rage is curable and with professional treatment, fading relationships can be restored. The key to a successful recovery is acknowledging that there is a problem and having the willingness to fix it.

ENRAGED is developed and produced by Lively Media. It is the first special of its kind that takes an in-depth and intimate look at the affect anger has on relationships. A co-production with Discovery Health US and Canwest, ENRAGED delves into the problem of explosive anger that affects North Americans on both sides of the border.