Veteran Producer/Director Allan Novak breaks out the secrets in his workshop, Creating and Producing a TV Series

Saturday Feb 5 and Sunday Feb 6. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Rogers Communications Centre, Ryerson University, 80 Gould St, Toronto. to book.

Insider Secrets Revealed
Workshop on Creating and Producing a TV Series
by Veteran Producer/Director Allan Novak
February 5 + 6, 2011

Offered in Association with the School of Radio and Television Arts, Ryerson University

With the boom in factual, reality and lifestyle television going strong, Allan Novak, the award winning creator of such series as Loving Spoonfuls5 Seekers and Punched Up is running a two-day workshop on how to create, pitch, and produce a television series.

Saturday, February 5th and Sunday, February 6th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Rogers Communications Centre, Ryerson University, 80 Gould St, Toronto.

Whether it’s because of the growth of the specialty channels, shifting public tastes or the need for affordable programming, reality TV, factual and lifestyle programs are the hottest trends in television. Almost every network in the world is looking at popular formats that have succeeded elsewhere or are trying to create new shows to feed the public’s seemingly insatiable desire for this quickly-evolving genre.

Having worked in TV for over 25 years, Allan can offer industry insider know hows. “These two days will be invaluable to both neophytes seeking a realistic overview of what it takes to make a show and established professionals looking to move to independent production and series creation,” says Novak.  “You will get everything you need to know, as well as how to avoid making costly mistakes when considering creating a show or series. I will get you on your journey with confidence and increase your chances of success.”

This unique workshop geared to people working in or aspiring to work in television covers the detailed ins and outs of creating, pitching and producing programming for networks in Canada and beyond. It’s an information-packed weekend filled with candid insider insights about everything from conception and development to financing, contracts and distribution. Special guests from the broadcast TV world will also bring their unique perspectives.


·         current TV and transmedia trends

·         the new powers in Canadian media

·         research and intelligence that needs to be gathered prior to pitching

·         creating, developing and delivering a winning pitch that’s irresistible to broadcasters

·         clever low-cost strategies to make an idea stand out

·         self-generated pilots and demos — when to do them and when not to

·         budgeting tips

·         insider secrets to successful development

·         the basics of creating or optioning formats, conceiving branded and brandable concepts

·         attracting American and other partners; who are the best international partners

·         making the deal when an established production company options an idea


·         kick-starting a project from green light to production and beyond

·         setting up a production company, the legal, financial and business essentials, partnership agreements

·         funding sources and tax credits

·         branding and sponsorships

·         the latest technologies that can add quality and save money

·         producing a high-quality show with the lowest budget; where to scrimp, where to spend big

·         tips on music and music rights

·         nuts and bolts production tips

·         turning post production from a liability to a profit centre

·         managing the network/producer partnership

·         best practices for producers

Participants wishing to enrol can do so at