VSC., presents Filth | Written and Directed by Jon S. Baird | Based on the novel by Irvine Welsh | Opens Theatrically May 30

James McAvoy in FILTH, available on VOD and iTunes May 20 and in theaters May 30.
James McAvoy in FILTH, available on VOD and iTunes May 20 and in theaters May 30.

Video Services Corp.,

Presents Filth

Written and Directed by Jon S. Baird

Based on the novel by Irvine Welsh

Opens Theatrically May 30

Toronto – Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St.

Vancouver – Rio Theatre, 1660 E Broadway

Saskatoon – Roxy Theatre, 320-20th St W

Victoria – The Vic, 808 Douglas St.

“You’ll be scraping this film out from under your fingernails for weeks.” – Time Out

“A marvelously messed up festive flick that manages to be shocking, hilarious and ultimately quite poignant.” – IGN Movies UK

“darkly comic” – The Hollywood Reporter

“McAvoy’s go-for-broke performance is its own hurricane within the storm.” – Variety

Can a homophobic, racist, misogynistic and chauvinist police officer manage to solve a case, get promoted and get his wife and child back? Filth takes us through Bruce Robertson’s journey to find out.

Based on a novel by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, Filth stars James McAvoy (X-Men: First ClassThe Last King of Scotland) as Detective Sergeant Robertson, an unashamed emotional hardnut and the master of most of what he surveys. He is smart and plugged in; other people are idiots and are to be treated as an inconvenience at best. Annoyingly, there’s been a murder and Bruce’s boss wants results. No problem for Bruce. He’s in control and when he solves the case and wins the promotion, his wife will return to him. No problem. But is life that simple? Is Bruce the man he really thinks he is? The tragic, hilarious and memorable answers unfold in Filth.

Writer-director Jon S. Baird loved the original novel and was interested in adapting it. “In truth, Filth had always been my favorite of Irvine’s novels and something I regarded as a modern masterpiece,” he said. “While the story is a tragedy and has an extremely tragic central character, I thought the book’s black humor was the key to unlocking a more cinematic adaptation.” Welsh himself thought that of all his novels, it was Filth that, “[he] would most like to see adapted into a movie.” Baird’s script aims to be as faithful as possible to Welsh’s original material, “although we obviously had to make some changes. It’s the nature of the beast when dealing with existing material,” recalls Baird.

The result still captures the gritty feel of the Scottish setting of the book. “Ultimately, Filth had to be something unique, quite unusual and really bold. The audience will realize that from the very top of the film when they see the fantasy sequences with all of Bruce’s work colleagues,” recalls Baird.

“Our film is a slightly lighter version of the book in some ways,” he concludes, “but without making excuses for who Bruce is. We still have the hardcore elements; the sex, drugs, madness, violence and really dark comedy, but it’s about trying to see them from a place of humor rather than a place of nastiness. I really hope we got that balance right!”

Filth also stars Jamie Bell (TurnBilly Elliot), Imogen Poots (Need For Speed), Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) and Oscar® winner Jim Broadbent (IrisThe Iron Lady). The film will debut in Canada on iTunes and cable VOD on May 20, followed by a theatrical release on May 30.

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