VSC presents SYRUP, a film by Aram Rappaport, starring Amber Heard, Shiloh Fernandez + Kellan Lutz. Opens in Toronto at The Carlton and The Kingsway- July 12.

The marketing world gets skewered in Aram Rappaport’s adaptation of Max Barry’s socio-comic novel SYRUP. Starring Amber Heard and Shiloh Fernancdez. opens in Toronto at The Carlton, and The Kingsway, July 12. Other openings include Sudbury June 29, and Calgary, July 12.

Video Services Corp presents


a film by Aram Rappaport

opens in Toronto at The Carlton, and The Kingsway, July 12

More Openings:
Sudbury – June 29 – The Rainbow
Calgary – July 12 – Plaza Theatre

Sex sells. And spelling doesn’t count.

That’s lesson number one in Aram Rappaport’s Syrup, in which an all-flash young huckster clambers up the corporate ladder armed with a can of water and syrup and the brand-name FUKK.

Taken from the searing Max Barry satirical cult novel of the same name (and scripted by Barry himself), the film takes trenchant aim at the inescapable world of brainwash-marketing, much as Network did in its day to primetime television. Lesson number two is “everything is image.” At least that’s the spiel of Scat (Shiloh Fernandez, Evil Dead, Red Riding Hood), a self-serving marketing school drop-out who convinces a roomful of suits that he can sell anything to anybody.

“This product is image in a can,” he says of the soft-drink (whose name mocks the contrived “edginess” of corporate entities like FCUK). “It could be sneakers or t-shirts or glow-in-the-dark headbands. It’s not about the fluid, it’s the image.”

Dovetailing with Scat’s assault on the marketing world is the corporate climb of 6 (Amber Heard, The Rum Diary), a stunning young executrix, whose choice of a number-that-sounds-like-sex for a name suggests she and Scat have a lot in common.  Except that 6 claims to be a lesbian. Or is that a contrivance for image purposes too? And if Scat falls for 6, who or what is he falling in love with really?

“I really wanted to make a movie where the audience gets to question on their own what’s right,” Rappaport says. “The characters struggle with living a life that isn’t true to themselves or honest. Instead, they’ve created alluring ‘image’ versions of themselves.

“Six is a woman who’s taken as her name a number that resembles ‘sex.’ So she becomes a walking advertisement. It’s a commentary on our times. What’s Times Square but one giant ad that says, ‘Fuck me’?”

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