THE DROWNSMAN, directed by Chad Archibald. a Breakthrough Entertainment presentation at Fantasia International Film Festival

Breakthrough Entertainment presents The Drownsman. Directed by Chad Archibald, written by Chad and Cody Calahan. World Premiere at Fantasia International Film Festival, August 2. Watch: . DB Clarke Theatre (1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve) Trailer:

Hold your breath, the Drownsman is coming

 Breakthrough Entertainment


 The Drownsman

Directed by Chad Archibald
Written by Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald

World Premiere


Fantasia International Film Festival 2014

Saturday, August 2, 5:15 PM

DB Clarke Theatre (1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve)



Black Fawn Films -the team that brought you the instant sensation, Antisocial – is back with The Drownsman, making its world premiere on Saturday, August 2 at Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.

Executive Produced by Nat Abraham, Marina Cordoni, Ira Levy, Mike McGuigan, and Peter Williamson from Breakthrough Entertainment.

After almost drowning in a lake, Madison finds herself bound to a life of fear. Madison’s friends attempt an unconventional intervention in which they accidentally open a floodgate to a dark place where none of them are safe. As Madison and her friends dive deeper into the dark history of this figure that haunts them, it reaches out and begins dragging them to a horrifying place that they can never come back from.

“We were thrilled with the success of Antisocial’s World Premiere at Fantasia last year,” says Breakthrough Entertainment’s EVP Feature Films, Tim Brown, “and can say without hesitation, if that’s what Antisocial did last year, wait till this year when we present The Drownsman – you haven’t seen waves like this before.”

Archibald, is no stranger to genre film, at just 22 years old, he wrote and directed Desperate Souls. With his co-writer, Cody Calahan (director of Antisocial) they’ve worked together on Neverlost, Septic Man and the upcoming Ejecta. The industrious team including producer Christopher Giroux, filmed The Drownsman in Mount Forest, Ontario over 17 days.

“For me, there isn’t a better place to present The Drownsman than at Fantasia International Film Festival,” says director and co-writer Chad Archibald. “They are genre fans just like us and we couldn’t be more excited and honoured to be releasing our latest film to the world at Fantasia.”

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