YIN YANG, new works by Canadian artist May Karp – IX Gallery – 11 Davies Ave., runs October 14 – November 12, 2011

May Karp pushes the reach of her distinctive vision ever further with Yin Yang, a new exhibit of “painterly” photography at her 8th solo show, presented at the IX Gallery in downtown Toronto.


New Works by May Karp 2011

IX Gallery – 11 Davies Ave.,
October 14, 2011 – November 12, 2011
Gallery Hours during the week:  1pm – 6pm; Saturdays: 1pm – 3pm

An acolyte of artistic greats Sorel Etrog and the late John Gould, May Karp pushes the reach of her distinctive vision ever further with Yin Yang, a new exhibit of “painterly” photography at the IX Gallery.

Yin Yang will be the 8th one-woman show in Canada for May, who has also exhibited in group shows in the U.S. She is a proponent of broadening the scope of photography, erasing limits of self-expression.  She is known for spontaneous and fearless experimentation.

“I believe my photos reflect my exposure to the great creative minds of the artists, musicians, architects I was privileged to meet,” says May.  “I was taught to not just look, but to SEE. Not just listen, but to HEAR and COMPREHEND. That important life-long gift contributed greatly to my evolution. One should not fear to dip their toe in the pool of artistic experimentation in order to break away from old established ideas and truly enjoy the feeling of confidence that personal creativity offers.”

As a young adult, May took courses in design, composition, printmaking and drawing at the Ontario College of Art, Three Schools, and Central Tech. She also studied with Canadian artist John Gould at the YMHA.  Concentrating on large abstract designs, May revels in bright, bold colors. She also uses black and white as the mood demands. Early in her career she received valued encouragement from the Canadian sculptor and Order Of Canada member Sorel Etrog.

“May Karp is a gifted artist committed to the art of photography,” Etrog has said. “Her photographs reflect her own interpretive view of a variety of subjects.  Her sensitive eye to texture, colour, and mood gives her photos a painterly and tactile feeling.  As a photographer, May Karp is a tireless searcher, continually exposed to unexpected discoveries. She captures these in black and white or in a rich palette of colours with a strong sense for composition and impact. Her photographs invite you to join her on a journey of exploration of the urban and rural environments, and to share with her the interesting and beautiful discoveries through the creative energy of her art.”